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"Winter, New York City"
War has become, finally, understood as the food of power and greed, and the enemy of nature, and the resources - all life, depends upon from the nurture of nature... It is understood, now, people must overthrow their leaders who war monger, and seek wealth at the expense of humanity, and nature - with the mismanagement of her resources. Humanity, as a whole, depends upon nature, in finality - for its own existence... It is time to wake up, help revive nature, and save humanity - US."
"Gate entry to Parochial Church designed by Indian Architect Cerefino Gutierrez in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico"
"I Can not Change What I Am - Only the Arrangement of What is Around Me... So, Please, Accept Me as I Am - and I Will Let You Arrange What You Can..."
"Four Cherries in a Pink Champagne Glass"
"Hands on Fire"
"You are Out of Your Element - NYC"
"Five Stooges - Munich, Germany"
San Cristobol Valley - south of Lake City, Hinsdale County, Colorado USA
"Ruins - Sweden"
There is No Looking Out - Like Looking Out for Nine Lives"
"Fight the Good Fight - NYC"
"Ruins - Sweden - Monochrome"
"Reindeer Dream - Finland, Lappland"
"Sogneprest Ole Tobias Olsen - Norway"
"Red Barn, Oat Field - Sweden"
"Gargoyle Seven - Munich, Germany"
"So, The Surge is Still Working? Right..." - "4000 US Deaths (Hundreds of Thousands Iraqis), The Surge is Still at Work" © BMM 2008 -- People will die in Iraq after America leaves - just as people died in Iraq before America arrived. The difference now is, America has blood on its hands that will never wash off - for the people who will die after America leaves Iraq - will die differently than if America had never touched this country... Bush and Cheney's War, for the benefit of the Halliburtons, Blackwaters, and KBR's - to create profit, was a scheme to enrich the pockets of corporate cronies at the expense of lower and middle class Americans (not forgetting the Iraqis themselves). These Americans who served, and survived, this unjust war in Iraq, will long suffer too - as their families, and loved-ones - especially for those 4000 (today) who died in this, "Ruse War." It will take generations - maybe 100 years, to blow Bush and Cheney's Footprint away from the sandstone of the Iraqis memory and landscape - more likely never in this present history of Earth. No one who reads this will live to see the day when the Middle East will right itself, settle its differences, and watch its oil run out. Then it will become a desert land of tribes again. And international interests will find elsewhere to become vested. War should be a crime - we have already set precedents for punishing those who take nations to war. Why stop now. There are already two American towns in Vermont, USA, where voters, this year, approved a measure that would instruct police to arrest President George W. Bush, and Vice President Dick Cheney for "crimes against our Constitution." -- -- The nonbinding, symbolic measure, passed in Brattleboro, and Marlboro, VT. instructs town police to "extradite them to other authorities that may reasonably contend to prosecute them." -- This is what peoples of the world should all do - get rid of, stop, punish all war mongers in this world today. Works for me... -- for your information:
Northern Norway, Hay Field, Sunrise"
"Snakeskinned Dream"
"To Rest - Cape Cod, Massachusetts"
"Signs of Life - Central Utah"
"Sweden Ruin"
"Waiting For Rebirth"
"Gras-Roofed Stone Hut" Norway
"Of Flesh and Trust"
Grave Stone Ceramic Photo Tablet in the East Texas Woods of the CataHoula"
Hangman's Noose in the old Palo Pinto County Jail"
"The Whisper"
"Elements of Old Munich Skyline" - Germany
"Brazened" (*) Seemy "Series Theories" Section for the story to this image... BMM