July 15th, 2024

Alphasight.com holds, 'Images Captures,' from Brad Michael Moore's entire, 
"Image Life," 1957 – to, 'Present.'  This includes Positive & Negative Films, 
Prints, Glass Paintings, Digital & Hybrid Digital Artifacts of Stacked Image 
Renderings from .tiff Files, and, A.I. Iterations derived from all of these 
previously created Analogue & Digital Artifacts, & Digital Hybrid Artifacts, 
using .jpg Directives (with Minimum Prompts), Brad Michael Moore's 
Sculpture (1990's), and Brad Michael Moore’s Collected Art of other 
Contemporary Artists. 



Audio  (Where Browser-available)  by Tully Weiss - "Soundscape Sketch 1 - Mix"

Email:  mystupidgoog@gmail.com

"The extension of one's relevance beyond significance, perceived through a journey to enrapture innate curiosity, tempers fate & resolves truth." - BMM

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