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"In Some States I Have Been" © Brad Micheal Moore --- The Second piece to a Diptych Project In the Private Group, BrainStorming... A Response to a piece to Lenka Manning-Warder (Carmel, California...
"In Some States I Have Been" © Brad Micheal Moore --- The Second piece to a Diptych Project In the Private Group, BrainStorming... A Response to a piece to Lenka Manning-Warder...
"MyOpticsOnYours" © Brad Micheal Moore Part of A diptych Project in progress in a Private #am group call, "BrainStorming." At least, I think it was chosen... Anyway, it is derived from my 1974-2008 Sa'she'ahna Series. BMM
"PeaceMaker - Idealist" === "Up to now - no generation has ever truly imagined our world could live without war. Governments, today, self-perpetuate their well-oiled war machines. Only a true Peacemaker will change the course of our future. That Peace Maker is among us today. So remember, "Peace upon this world will come through our children - by the way we lead them now..." - Brad Michael Moore "Of course I hope my words foretell truth  for all of our sakes. I was seeing on TV that school-age American children meet&greet daily, now, with hand shakes and hugs. In fact  so many of our youngest generation are greeting one another with hugs  that some school districts have BANNED the practice. Thats crazy!!! Our children are not going to be their parents  and without doubt  totally alien to their grandparents. Thats why Obama won  a good first step! now we must make like-changes all across the board. Church leaders, corporate leaders, school leaders, scientists, artists, Labor Leaders, and politicians  all across the board. Let us not restrain our children from hugging at school  let us follow their lead across our world..."
Title: "Easter Past" © Brad Michael Moore 2009
"Broken Away From Reality" © Brad Michael Moore 2009 -- Large Print Series -- I told a friend over this piece how I have been working on it for days, and I could not find a point of closure with it. The work concerns a rip in the fabric of life - or reality. It follows, my recent work (one folder back), "Losing Memory," and is, perhaps, more about the notion of losing one's mental reality. I was so trying to show a ripping into sanity as being something deeper than I have been able to manifest in a 2-D work of art. I have seen some artists cut right their canvas to let out their demons, or bring fresh air, or light in, perhaps - you never know - you just imagine... I kept working at this until I felt it has completely exhausted me. Art is kind of like sex in that way. - Brad Michael Moore
"Twilight's Sedation" © Brad Michael Moore 2009 === When your life is literally in the hands of other souls... === Yesterday, the term, Twilight Sedation, was introduced to me as a form of anesthesia used for procedures when surgeons need to be able to speak to the patient while being operated upon. It takes a narrow balance and high acuity of experience to put a person far enough into sedation to mask the pain of being cut, drilled, or scoped  while still allowing them to hear and respond to questioning during the procedure As it was explained to me, I realized that it sounded a lot like how I work when I carry the final actions of a new artwork far into the night towards mornings twilight. I may start my pieces in the afternoon  but they most always are finished as the last conscious action I perform before passing out into sleep  sometimes in my chair before my computer. I would call this my own Twilight Sedation - where the drug is sleep deprivation instead of some gas in my lungs, or liquid being pumped into my veins... - BradMM ==
"Fear of Being Cut" © Brad Michael Moore 2009 -- Small Print Series -- This is a night terror where steel blades come from all directions - no doubt a Freudian wet dream. An ax, a sickle, a saber, and a knife - careful of my face, and my eye... -- (*) Remember the scene in the movie, "Twister," when Bill Paxton and my dear Helen Hunt (from 'Cast Away') seek shelter in a barn from an approaching tornado? That scene of the hardware they found hanging in there? That might have inspired this notion...
"A Point for Michael, or (IOU's and Broken Circles et al" © Brad Michael Moore 2009 -- Large Print Series -- A companion piece for, "Mangos, Limes, Ice & Black Sunglasses - for the Blender" © BMM 2008 (in Folder 2008-2) & now included here... bmm
"Losing Memory" © Brad Michael Moore 2009 -- Small Print Series -- This is a delicate issue for me as it has many connotations that connect to many people. It is a terror is lose the most precious of our possessions - something even the poorest among us may carry a treasure chest of within. Memories cannot be replaced. - Brad Michael Moore
"Dwelling On the Past" © Brad Michael Moore 2009
"Reconstructing History, or Deconstructing History" © Brad Michael Moore 2009 -- Perhaps we western artists could challenge ourselves to create a book of New Spiritual Work. Take up where Riviera left off. Think of new age icons for new age youth. Think what Diego Rivera would have done with the, 'Silicon Valley,' and then deconstruct it into the parts of its sum. Kids have no current iconography that they can relate between and in common to both their virtual world and the pages of our true history. A group of artists could put together a collection of iconic images from the times of Homer forward and take on the challenge of upgrading these images to relate to today's world and its elements. When Cursive Writing is being replaced with texting - we better put our thinking caps on so that the nature of art does not go to the wayside as well. We need to be imaginative - replace old icons - re-lite children and young people's minds to the importance of art - again - I am seeing the importance of building after-school art programs for children in all communities - for while we may be able to redefine our icons - we need our children to take up the cause and the revolution too...
"Dreams Stirred Into Sandstone" © Brad Michael Moore 2009
Sexness" © Brad Michael Moore 1987-2009
"G-Spot" © Brad Michael Moore 1987-2009 -- I have lately been considering some of the world's greatest mysteries - things I heard of, (heard talked about) but never seen by me - though I have a notion - having been in the ocean. At least, now, I know what to look for - in the abstract of my imagination! - bmm
"Sexual Development, Gathering Form" © Brad Michael Moore 1987-2009 -- I go through it - in my mind from time to time... Such forces at work - true ripples in the fabric of eras I imagine... bmm
"Fallen Stranger In a Blue Moon Room" © Brad Michael Moore 2009 Darkness fell. Quietly, he listened as the leaves rustled over the rooftop and against the windows. Overwhelmed by thirst, he now feared the wind's ever-growing voraciousness. Worried & bleeding, he weakened, and envisioned the power of nature searching, for cracks, and crevasses - even keyholes to reach him, and deplete him even of his tears.
"Dark Matter The War" © Brad Michael Moore 2009
"A Mentor Upon My Wall" © Brad Michael Moore
"Frozen Lid" © Brad Michael Moore 2009
"8B-D2D-WCA-GA (Eight Ball - Dust to Dust - What Goes Around, Comes Around)," © Brad Michael Moore 2009
"A King Swimming in a Moat to Regain His Kingdom" © BMM 2009 -- As fires are raging on the city walls, and the full moon and hazy night sky reflects upon the blood-filled murky water - the King hopes that he is not too late - and that his kingdom has not already been laid to waste. bmm
"Android Testicle" © Brad Michael Moore 2009 -- Rv#4 14012009 Also presented are 3 other, Flip & Flopped versions which becomes less Testicle and more eye ball inside the socket - either way - I find the concept of the workings of internal organs (apparatus) of the conceptual future android so interesting. They say the race to develop artificial human prototypes is gearing towards the urging of companionship needs. In order to be competitive - androids must have sexual performance capacity and alluring outward appearances, which, in turn, requires an internal artistic architecture to allow the functioning of whatever attractive and human flesh-like veneer that may be required by the buyer/owners desires. Some would say this is ludicrous - but the rudimentary technology is already on the market. Imagine lugging around a 120-pound doll  using ropes, pulleys, and pillows for positioning. Then, there is the makeup and repairs when an eye cracks and so forth. Independent filmmakers have already shown a segment of society who can afford this, and therefore, does provide a market for the imaginative doll-maker - who also uses technology for the 'pleasure sensory areas.' The popular mainstream film, "Mumford," includes a wealthy recluse character - who keeps a secret laboratory in the basement of his computer company, where he works on the Utopian sexual partner  perfected to fulfill his every desire. In BladeRunner, such a beast has been created seeking to be something more... My ideas cross between near-future reality, where stuffing is replaced with hydraulics and response receptors, fiber optics, and digital technologies, that perform recognition and response algorithms making an android more like the sifi, Battlestar Galactica, version of android. The issue of integrating intelligence is still decades away  but closer that one might imagine. Reverse engineering a human to begin with, and then down grading them to a controllable instrument of anothers will, has been presented also in Hollywood Thrillers beginning with, "Frankenstein," and ending up to, The Manchurian Candidate, where the mind is highly reconfigured, through brainwashing techniques - to cause an effect by the effort of an unexpecting predetermined action - when finally stimulated, or, engaged by some device, to carry out a pre-prepared exploit  or series of deeds. No matter which direction you come from  there are other adventurers, scientists, sex industrialists, governments, madmen, and geniuses  all seeking to perfect the 'Human' android - another 'us' that reflects when mirrored. As for me  I just consider the beauty of creativity that someday may come to accidentally led us to a discovery nary truly considered  that at some point, the imitation of life will come so close, via technology, programming, architecture, will, and desire  that a, "Nuevo Soul," shall rise, and like tectonics, energy will begin to exist where there was none before. Here today, I only precieve comic book slices of imagination - for it is the internal beauty of Artificial Intelligence and the possibilities of android functioning architecture that empower my juices  and as such, the, "Androids Testicle etal..."
"Electric Paper" © Brad Michael Moore 2008
One of millions of nannites that flow through an advanced androids circulatory system via the various fluid conduits. These are designed to make repairs, such as injuries and breakdowns of components, and interior surface structures, exterior repairs must be performed at the factory of inception. -- (*) Perhaps the last piece of this series - I may do one more if I find a gap I would like to fill. I have tried to put on the hat of a Science Fiction writer who makes pictures with words. So, maybe you can say this series is a my effort to be a Science Fiction Painter of digital Artifacts. - bmm
"Something Happening in an Ocean Somewhere, Where my Waste is There and a Part of It All..."
"Sounds Behind an Android Eardrum - Membrane Colored by Sound" © Brad Michael Moore 2008
"Rolling" © Brad Michael Moore 2009
"MotherLode" © Brad Michael Moore 2009
"Shaman" © Brad Michael Moore 2009
"Eruption Fanning" © Brad Michael Moore 2009
"MotherLode" © Brad Michael Moore 2009
"Temple Wall" © Brad Michael Moore 2009
"Temple Exits" © Brad Michael Moore 2009
"Crystal and Agate Growing Room" © Brad Michael Moore 2009
"Temple Ceiling" © Brad Michael Moore 2009
"Temple Alter" © Brad Michael Moore 2009
'Android Series,' Still... "Memory Forming" © Brad Michael Moore 2009
"Android Art Hanging In It's Dock & Port Station" © Brad Michael Moore 2009
"Android Electrolyte Dispensing Flute" © BMM 2009 © Brad Michael Moore 2009 -- Androids have many fluids that must be replaced from time to time. Most all fluids are dispensed with from the same locations - usually port tubes that can be extended between their fingers or toes. Entry of new fluids are most often delivered via a master pop-open master port - just below the region beneath the heart pumps (as a rule). Special Androids (warriors, assassins, LoveRRoidS - known as LUVRS's) and others - like flyer's, pilots, and police, all have unique designs to accommodate special needs unique to their Roidtypes.
"Android Taste Buds" © Brad Michael Moore 2009 --- This is sort of a SiFi Friday Series - a look into an imaginary future already being worked upon by many more eccentric folk than you might consider. Like the SiFi writers - I am just trying to give the creators a bit of help with their visions, here, with my own look into the inner workings of future androids - why not - there is beauty out there yet to be born from where, here, now only exists a vacuum... - bmm
"Android Heart Pumps" © Brad Michael Moore 2009
"From the Artificial Chromosome for Down Time Dreaming" © Brad Michael Moore 2009
"Droid Projectile Impacts" © Brad Michael Moore 2009
"For Nicoll" © 2009 Brad Micheal Moore -- This is part of a diptych project in BrainStorming I'm doing with Nicoll Heaslip. The title will change - but I feel safe now to publish this piece and wish Nicoll well as she travels for education and futures workshops in various places in Europe. Best Wishes Nicoll! - Brad
"Cosmic Storm," © 2009 Brad Micheal Moore