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"Strongest Will Survive," No matter the obstacle
"Dedicated to the memory of writer Tony Hillerman - leaving us at the age of 83..." This is about old magic sieved by impending age and lethargy from infiltration of outside forces always unrelenting. - bmm
"The Color of Me"
"Ocean Cave Wall Painting" © 2008 Brad Michael Moore --- Imagined and created - not true to a place - except for the paper it is printed upon and your imagination. -bmm
"In the Forest Dark," A new abstract direction (for me) of converging media, ideas of dreams and fears and awe.
"Painted Rock," Visual ode to Arizona.
"Night Mapping, Digital Artifacts" © BMM 2008
"Electric Milk Spill, from, The Electric Cow Farm... "
"Mother Machine"
"Lovers Etched in Stone"
"Day Mapping Analogue, Digital Artifacts" © BMM 2008
"SkyDreamsRM4" BarCode Series - World-wide series
"Night Life in the Park Cities" / BarCode Series - World-wide series
As a, "Free-born," human, and as an artist, growing through young adulthood - I was drawn towards those peoples living without, or, stripped of their freedoms. Many, I could reach, were in countries behind the Iron Curtain of 1982. Having the independence to witness, and distinguish, peoples less free than myself, gave my own liberty more meaning, and wider self-perception. My art is my sovereignty. The price of independence, "is," buried in the ground - and, sometimes, the hope of freedom is buried there too. I never allow myself to forget these truths. Brad Michael Moore
"Protecting Nature's Sleep"
"Bluesman and the New Age"
"Holding a Window Pane to My Dream"
"Jazz Singer in the, 'Blue Room'"
"Never Here Before," In The Forest... Playing the mystery. -- My 101st effort this year (2008).
Prepared for Birth"
"Impacts at Jupiter" © BMM 2008: Up to 8.5" x 11" Hand Made Print $375.00 US Up to 13" x 19" Hand Made Print $475.00 US Up to 17" x 22" Hand Made Print $650.00 US -- What happens to the pain between my shoulders when I finally fall to sleep?
"Fish Skinned Mural 1x1"
"Watching the Notch"
"Alien Gardenegg Nightwatcher"
Regional Hope Blooming © Brad Michael Moore 2007
"Deco Panel"
"Harvest Dance"
"Finding the Perfect Child"
"Four Gone Conclusions"
What is Painted in the Back of My Mind © BMM 2007 -- "What is Painted in the Back of My Mind - Including the eyes in the back of my head - thanks mom..."
"Digital Fossils"
"Low White Cell Count "
"Caught In A Trap"
#1 "Falling into Spirit" (Lightest Colors)
#2 "Falling into Memory" (Electrolytes)
#3 "Falling into Letters" (Dear Dairy)
#4 "Falling into Nature" (Greater Truth)
"Falling into "Lost Friends" (Life Goes On - But Never Fully Without You)
In a small place - for objects - you're in the center of a tornado... But, in the end, you may taste delectable - if not for the eyeglasses...
"Witching Run"
"There is so much magnificence, beyond my own abilities to know, that still touches my perceptions... I know that life offers, unto itself, uncountable songs of its nature - and singers with more to communicate than just hello - are you there? This piece I dedicate to what I can only imagine... BradMM