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"The Dualistic Nature of Light"
"Howling at the Moon," - Living in the country provides it's own unique kinds of music - come every near full moon, I try to find the time to listen on the back porch - even a few moments in the driveway... On some special evenings, I might even venture into the woods without a flashlight - a venture best served with the company of a friend.
"Satyriasis," - 'Don Juanism,' from the, "Chrome Series." An Image dealing with two issues - going beyond the line in a sexual, physical expression, and our need to "dig" in to our isolationism... In these days of gluttony, lasciviousness and obsessiveness - the line between where we live, and simpler surroundings, has all but vanished. This is likely why there is beginning to be Suburban-flight, as people retreat back to smaller centralized communities, and neighborhoods, where everyone knows everyone. Participation, social play, and group-gathering, centers on sharing awareness together - not apart in some instant messaging configuration. Today's zero-lot isolation, alley-entry abodes, and weblistic collectives leave little milieu for the health & the personal consideration of others. If we fear what we can't see, is isolation a healing solution? What is touching that is not felt? (*) This image is artist-reproduced as a Pigmented Ink Print with archival quality.
"Raven," I see a bat, a raven, and finally a Bulldog (or sea turtle)... There are aspects about the creative realm we can only appreciate if we do not question why...
"A Mad Man's Dream," - from the, "Chrome Series." There are too many a mad man these day's wanting to be remembered as the one who pushed the trigger that blew the bomb in these most modern of times. There are too many school children angry enough to kill their schoolmates and teachers. Have we lost our powers of compassion and courage to reach out and meet needs? Power and 'God's Light,' to those who's job each day it is - to see such tragedies never transpire... I'm speaking, of coarse, of us all.
"Night Bomber" - "The Chrome Series" - © BMM 2004 - 2007 This is a group of monochromatic and multi-colored images. They represent values attached to elements of luminancity, and symbolic of humankinds need for stature, power, and imagination. I have - in the past, used the photographic medium as an object reflector (an objectfiler). Here, I use my negatives as if they were an old Chinaman's paintbrush - static put into a more liquid like motion... I'm using my negatives resource fluidly, to create non-photographic appearing images  using the negative for its inherited qualities of contrast, shadows, muted color, and detail. I now see the medium as being very pliable and I want to stretch it in diverse ways by striping away its representational aspects and enhancing its more ephemeral qualities. Note: This is a very delicately reproduced series, and may only be truly appreciated by zooming to its largest capacity. Thumbnails appear soft & less focused than actual image.
"Media's Distraction"
"All Deaths of Innocents Damnify," (The World stands by, as America has stood by and Darfur suffers Genocide). Based on BBC reports, since 2003, No fewer than 200,000 plus innocents have become victims - making the supreme sacrifice of their lives - life taken in the form of murder, starvation, and disease. The United Nations Security Council, early 2008, approved a 26,000-strong peacekeeping force to expand the 7,000 African Union (AU) force now struggling to protect civilians in Sudan's western province of Darfur. Where exactly these troops will come from, and how soon, remains to be seen, in truth. Where do you stand? Please, write your views and relay them to your government representatives. If free people do not make a stand - free governments will not make a stand - So then, how free are we, really? - It's been 4+ months and nothing has changed... China is the puppet master here - who can bring pressure to bare on the Big Panda? Free Speech China - it is a Bitch.
"Mary Madalena at City Gates"
"The Cat I See, is the Cat I Am..."
"LionsGate of Babylon"
"Whatever You Want"
"Shunting Light One"
"Night Crab"
"Global Warming"
"Shunting Light Two"
"Spiritual Gate"
"Companions of Capella"
"Beetle's Belly to Belly"
"A Rub Roy"
"From My Garden Chair," - My kind of garden - it grows on its own when I watch from my seat, and do not encumber upon it's space. If I plant something - it is going to be a tree - one that most likely bares fruit that feeds my outdoor neighbors, or an Evergreen that will provide shelter. We have destroyed so much of the natural habitat wildlife depends upon. Evergreens provide protections from rain, wind, and predators. Fence lines are great places to plant - for they are the least human-trodden space on a plot. Where there is agriculture, and the fields are plowed for crops, or for grazing - it is the fence lines which become the highways of the wild kingdom. There too I will watch from my garden chair. It is all a, 'No Speed Zone.'"
"Bettle Warrior"
"Two Kaput Globoids... "
"Particles Reaccelerated"
BC-31 1x4"
Coyote & the Stag