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"Reptilian Cradle" © 2010 Brad Michael Moore




The Opposite of chaos is Silence. The Gift of Silence is Peace! The Notion of Peace is obscure-but the Truth of obscurity is that it Exists!


Always look to the stars&beauty of our universe begging us to turn from backwards ideas&ignorances&instead-communicate&commune as a species.


Hillary will become the next President of these United States of America, & she gets the Senate & enough of the House to control it-Reap/Sow


Milliniuals-Americans&WorldCitizens Recognize&Defeat Ideal of Terrorism-Awareness&Action via Internet-See It&Report It&Kill It!


When I hear is inflamed by being on CBS, & declares its a war on the heartland of America-It pleases me-I admit


Voting for non-governance is ignorance, Gerrymandering is criminal, & legislating for -or blocking women's HC-&YouGoToHell!


It's Us-Who Must Replace Our Senators, Congresspeople, Representatives, or Governor Against Closing Loopholes in our !





"I know how comfortable I can become in my daily routines... There is such a simple satisfaction that becomes sustaining, for me, through the reward of this, "Accountability," of sorts, gained from habits others may question are even sane - when paired the other aspects of my life my friends witness me undertaking. Such is the joy that comes from personal, secrectedly seasoned endurance, and dedication." - Brad Michael Moore

"Repetitions of My Day to Day..." © 2015 Brad Michael Moore



Good patriots of America know the implied meaning of the phrase, "Too Big to Fail." Everyday we live, and experience, the very meaning implied by that phrase - by simply being aware, and witnessing, the ways these largest of our American Banking Institutions - continue to obfuscate fair-mindedness and Democracy.



"Boys on Homer Street - 1960 (C) Brad Michael Moore



The invention of raising children (PC-Style) had only small roots in big places when I was growing up. Parents on the block never had any true idea where their kids were between lunch-nap, and dinner - and Saturday mornings. We were free, un-scared of most all (except the Neighborhood Bully) - who we assigned spies to keep abreast of... When his dad was beating the shit out of him - then we took our longest trips away. We drove our bikes for miles arounds - sneaked into houses under construction to play our games. Got chased off the local golf course more than several times. We used the spot for skinny-dipping and Dare-skinny-dipping our new friends. Kids today have no street-sense - except for what their Nav devices propose to them. We were map-makers, people-watchers, and skinny kids - cause we were exercising all the time. We never had a close call with some luny - they hadn't even built their closets yet... I always strived to be as good as my mom at Cursive Writing - but I was a southpaw, and my 1st Grade Teacher told me it would haunt me the rest of my life... It didn't - but her closed-mindedness did. Teachers make such intrinsic impressions upon their charges - not with sex - but with our minds. 

I don't know what happened to my country, well, I do. Greed. Victims would become the weakest in our society. Divorced kids became the first outcasts. Jocks never changed in their influences over out entire educational systems - on forward to college and beyond. Soldiers have never been discovered for the heroes and class-acts they just were - as long as we could still recognize then upon their return... This next generation - The millennials - sorry - it's all on your backs - to overcome ignorance, and overcome the future of our government, food, & water sources. I will do what I can - many already are, and others are working towards lending you hands, and experience, and resources. You just got to be positive, hope fully it all works out - cause you will have your kids - and theirs. All our backs are to the wall. Everyone in the world cannot have everything in the world - we have already pasted that tipping point a while back - it's just no one realizes it. But keep one with yourself, keep focused, let love move you, and never allow defeat, and setbacks stop you.... Wish I could offer you more... Brad Michael Moore



I'm trying to imagine the fury one must possess to knowingly carry a hundred+ souls behind their back and into the side of a mountain? To release oneself from this Mortal Coil is a very deep and personal decision only a few of us ever follow through on - but to take the souls of others is so unfathomable to my mind. This crash in the French Alps (a place I have visited) exposes the darkest reaches of our human nature. As a visual artist, who's primary task, in life, is to imagine what I have never before imagined - the noose around my neck is that, I must also imagine the horrors I am faced with by media expressing the sheerest brutality exercised by my species. It burdens my art, but, it widens it's perspective as well - which leads me to new horizons I may never have wanted to imagine... - BMM

"Cavern of a Lost Soul" (C) 2014 Brad Michael Moore




How many chances does one get-in their days-to begin anew-reset parameters & have another go at life? I am 63 & I have another go at it all!


Each moment is a gift to realize time marches on&you can use it or watch it pass,

but, you cannot seize it, & it does not even recognize You






R.I.P. Mom, Gwendolyn Erline Moore, at 85, 10:30am, Sunday, Feb. 15, 2015


Why are all the usual suspects not quitting #FOX - They haven't any morals-only compass's that point to their paychecks&BOSSMurdock's Dogma.


There comes a time nothing but mystery will be able to move the Earth beneath my feet, but,&until then I just wonder. 


Where a brick wall falls upon you,& after-you still stand #Unbroken...It is time to realize/or admit, you are of stronger luck, than chance.


Our words are meaningless if our hearts aren't in our vision.What we walk in-is only a shell, to shed over&over again-until we become energy


Purity of thought, action&imagination still cannot control what I may dream. In my dreams I jump, change channels-but, the best-I'm fearless


DO you know why we need so many molecules? They slow us down while we shed them working off the majority to reach true identify as we learn!


For those who reach their truth-their meaning-Earth's a grain of sand in a universe of oceans where we take elements used to move to destiny


When you are ready to begin-no consternation.Time passes for all who need to pass within such movement ever going.You are temporal&interigal


A little effort that is sincere-goes farther to center one's soul-than all the millions of thoughts you can create-wishing to make an effort


When you think an idea, to yourself&It has no resolution. If you tweet your idea to the world-someone says:"That's my ticket,"&they make it!


In a heartbeat, or a pitter-patter tweet-never does a day go by-when I'm not w/you &I dream of your sunny-side smile &I love things you are!


May it be our true life stories, in chronological order-will show we all have taken roads to total ruination long before we chose true path?


I bled last night-figuratively. My heart wails, & only coyotes are my company - who hollered back: If they smelt my blood-then they'd come!


I find that #anxiety is a form of #emotion that harms my greatest attributes to their core-almost making them meaningless-less they're #true


There's no place I see-into where I Iong to be within. A closet without walls falls prey to a night's moonlight-a door meaningless, unhinged


Count your Blessings - even if only one other person in this world counts on you - You are as Blessed as they are & Life is Worthwhile!



"Kristin's Marriage Supported by Her Friends" (C) 2014 Brad Michael Moore


 -No-You don't get this year off like the last. is coming for the caskets your souls have no need for-since you have no souls

The extension of one's relevance beyond significance, perceived through a journey to enrapture innate curiosity, tempers fate&resolves truth
Rage my taze, haze my graze, zip poo dopa, ride my topa, segregate initiate & power my start to two times art, lay it down, lick da crown yo

"Curbside Christmas Tree" (C) 1999 Brad Michael Moore
A new Christmas Past--Another Christmas that could not last. Children now dream of Christmas Next, & the Christmas after that, & after that!

Certainty is an imposing offer that, eventually, becomes a reality you cannot refuse-for time is no person's friend, & truth becomes us all!
Even if you carry a great talent in life-it still takes a team who believe your vision-so much, you all become loved-ones-Makes it work best
If you just accept that things will never get better-They Won't.If you believe in hope&2nd chances,then you are a candidate for best outcome
If you have will, health, belief, gumption, vision-then let no one stand in your way-leave theirs as fast as possible. Follow self.
If not for #ScienceFiction, we could never imagine our future could have so many outcomes-one which will actually turn out to be #NonFiction
Finally, this for those dealing with the signs, premonitions, re-occurring dreams, or foretelling of other means. You know who you are. go!
Good luck along your way-wish me luck upon my. Faith in our power as humans can show each their own way. If you believe in the gift you got!
My words were meant for both of us-strangers ourselves-the world tells many of us same stuff, same time, Efficiently works that way-bout #'s
Final analysis,Your dream-if you have one true one-let no one stand in your way-the Power is with you.Use it, let it prove you right, aspire
When you come to see your time's now-Take IT. The road leads you. Find this path is yours & own it. Stand against Resistance-go be your core!
Windfalls are given to you to set your course towards a new horizon. Some you take, others you leave way behind. Your survive when You know!
Thinking about all my blessings over so many years-knowing so many who fell short of the road to here. Hope they found themselves fulfilled.
The influence of a father upon his son provides a voluminous motivation to his offspring's desire to aspire ideas for offspring of their own
Is it true, is it fatalism-when I am overcome with a feeling that I fast approach all things coming to an end-aborting this mortal coil? Hmm
The Greatest Importance that ever will be Attached to Your Life-No Matter how Great,or Unimportant, It Is-Is-Simple Fact-You Get To Live It!
My being human serves me innumerable calculations forthwith I may espouse my brand of human capacities, yet I'm not free openly to admit so.
History is a beautiful parody of the futility of seeking stature. Many times within each generation, ideal concepts of cool changes too soon
Never expect to impress youth how-at their age-your were multitasking by: Listening to your radio, while watching TV & doing your home work.
The point of life-extricated from the consumption of all matters you notice-emanates from references amounting to wisdom that you will find.
Come the time, if you are deserving&lucky, you find the antithesis of all those important milestones in your life you thought were the point





"Reasons Lost- Seasons Remembered in Sections," 

(C) 12-06-2014 Brad Michael Moore [For Mom on her 85th]




The older I become,while living ,the more water under the bridge I've seen pass,&the longer the story grows of my days-I Accept[My death]!


Whereabouts here is emanating thy own self's wisdom-this inherited spectrum of from Kingdoms come? Intuitive whispers implore power of truth

Truths are to be, & to let be-that from a single cell-universe & black hole. What is self-evident, finally, is to know your corridor of soul

Recent Tweets & other Ideas Post 07/18/2014























 On the Possum Kingdom Lake with Russell Emerson Berger & Roger Irwin, 1971



Brad Michael Moore & Nicole Helslip - "Diptych Duet"



Impatience, failing dreams, dust pillows explode in desert rain off towards a setting sun. Everything points away in silence, and drowns.
I am #drowning into awareness, and throw my life raft back towards such a #dream one seldom has - the kind filled with promises.
Promises are often presumed, but also often offered in jest - seeking a quick satisfaction more true than blessed.
Long life grows wisdom to share with others, but what youth has the patience to gather it's worthy meaning? Short Stops before Home Runs...
                   "Bone Spears" (C) 2005 Brad Michael Moore


With old tech unidirectional amplification-we can hear thru walls/or a couple talk on a park bench-When will we learn to see sound remotely?

Reason you Shoulda Voted-as a Democrat, Libertarian, or Independent - was to temper dominate party power over Judical/Political Appointees!
When it's just you, alone, in the dark-Time is a momentary march-into the doldrums of your heart.Memories fire as fast as yout rub them away
"Will we ever see another Time of Peace in our lives?Wars jaz when old friends begin turn Frail to Envy,&Enemies Lose Faith in Forgiveness.
"We must always question our policies that send our citizens to war. Our nation's policies must always be worthy of the sacrifices we ask -
 of the men and women of our country.” Chuck Hagel 11/11/2014
(2 Tweets)



How many chances do we get at experiencing,True Love? I have known Real Love 3 times in 62 years, but True Love-just once, & it still burns.
When you have children,or nieces&nephews,you want to get them to vote-or educate them a bit on the issues so they become invested to want to
's are not an Abortion Device!They disallow Sperm fm fertilizing an Egg!-Only interfering w/a Fertilized Egg is considered abortive!

It is my hope for all-that our last breath is of natural cause, brought about in our effort applying a Gold Standard to our whole!


Russia will always be bad players w/Putin&LowGasPrices.US squandered Middle East Favor like toddling fools(GWB)-Topped by Obama's RedLineEbb.


Our world sees a dysfunctional United States-wrought by it's abortive congresses&they flee-to taylor self-reliance-leaving US insignificant.


(C) Brad Michael Moore - "Every Pair of Lover's Equals One Unique Scent"
I'm so beholden to this musk-Earth's Atmosphere-&my grief as we sabotage it-adjoining imperfection to a universal gift we are all pinned to!

We'll never create artificial intelligence superior over our own span.We will go so far as needed so it serves our health, safety&sexuality!
Music was the water for my poetry, air was the vapor that began my beating heart-for love beyond life, & words made sense of it all for me.

Americans are in sinking ships if $ isn't removed from our election process. I'm cutting my hair so I'll be less judged on future lifeboats!

It’s just past 5:AM over the land where I live, it’s most peaceful moments in the normal day cycle,night feeders are fed, day feeders are near to awakening

Now Jack Bruce has passed-like Jobs:Success, is what we each gauge upon other's pinnacles, No-not the true meaning-Your Path: OnlyTrue Path!
For a circuit to wk is pretty simple.It must have logic&function-which gives it it's purpose.Simple effort is quiet,but,if achieved,wonders!
We just cannot blame our lives for knee-scratches of others, or even those who finally climbed & toped a tree & said," what the fuck now?
Ok,you know it's my bewitching hour.I don't do this for fun, you know...I'm trying to find one person-a preverbal needle in a hay stack-you.
All of you Brave&Righteous AmericanPoliticians{Paul,Cruz,King,Issa} whoPronounce-Ebola Is PassedThroughAIR-Prove It! GotoJail Till ItHappens

Actions are unrepairable, noble,random,needless, for loving& not being loved-They cannot be erased, returned, or make greater than they are.
"Otavalo Girls" - (C) BMM 1983

We are not only what this world 's circumstances make of us-We are sums of all our living moments.The great ones&ones so violently twisting.
You may not want to see this now,but "#Rudderless" is well worth the bucks you are going to have to spend on it just on my word#Forgive
As Lewis C.K.suggested in his special,"Oh My God,"a Woman's greatest threat to survival is Men-How could they date them? Boys kill girls too

Pros are puzzled over Fact today's School Shooter was popular&happy. In all past 120 US School Shootings were kids w/brains yet Age-Matured!
"Swimmers" - (C) 1996 Brad Michael Moore [Mineral Wells, TX]

You know, if I had taken on the responsibility of going to Africa to treat Ebola&just got back home from that stress&jetlag-I'd been tired 2
Sorry my tweets are so sour tonight - our world is just so tart at this time, and I know - it may never be sweeter
*With raging in those West African Nations affected. It says a lot about -being out front&just how much we're in this battle.

Having finally accomplished something I believe took diligence, patience, faith, determination, & desire-I think I'll try&stop here to rest.


True Happiness:My'Lil Feral Long-haired-black-tigerstripe female cat I raised from a pipsqeek&nurturing22+ months just let me pet her fully!


It occurred to me that if it true-Timing is Everything-There's still time enough for all our time to meet the Right Timing-So you go on, see


When it comes to matters of the Heart-Why's the stomach have as much sway when the Brain's a greater tool?Sex&Food=upset-So heart-ask lungs!


I have seen 6 people died.one blown out of his clothes-but position is everything. Two-I was close enough to feel,see&hear a last breath-wow



I have fallen into a slumber. Hard to get up too much-sleep a lot. Thinking clearly, moving-not so much. Resting in the chair-3 days. Oh My!


Fire in the hall, or ignorance of the kind filling the hearts of all Unpatriotic Americans.


"Way of Life,"is the crutch of so many evils, lost souls-both well deserving, & anywhere but deserving.Powers that be, sit in power of sins.


"What you do, is what you are to me. What you dream - is who you are to you..." - Brad Michael Moore, American Artist



"Lilly" (C) 2014 Jessica Marie Moore


#MyLoveLifeIn3Words: Looking, Wanting, & Waiting


"If someone ever sends you something they made with their own hands-you should be sure to give them something in return - Donna Thompson-'65

Fox isn't even on my channel-list-I see enough Fox on MSNBC,Jon Stewart,&The Colbert Report.If I had to actually watch-I'd lose via vomiting

Peace begins where you are-where you live. You can then try to diffuse eruptions when you find them - use reason

Sometimes, like today, gotta feeling like I'm an electric automobile that somehow got a snake fried tween it's positive&negative Batt poles.


So, I reset my, "Start Button," for myself. Then I visit my mom w/Alzheimer's. She looks at me & says,"Sit down&First,tell me the bad news.


#xijinping - Where will China's Future be-if Hong Kong is robbed of it's home? Where will capital fly&flee if your choice is ego &too wrong?

OCT. 1, 2014

Do you consider your #CarbonFootPrint on a daily basis,its like #mouthwash if you're serious-the closer you sayso to someone-more they agree


1st List Item to accomplish,"Get Started!" 2nd Item on my list,"Don't Stop-Until you've #Accomplished what you can do in the time you have!"


CanI be Rude&Pissed?ALL YOU #CorporateCyclops-WE Know Who You Are!! U Prey on #PoorConsumers-Guilting us to BUY your crapASUgive1cent2Cancer


I agree we don't get to chose if we get hurt in life-but no-we can't choose who hurts us&thats why its so beautifully painful-we can own it!


Getting picked up in #Walmart is akin to making a date on Craig's List-you might get high, or get a load off, but, most likely-you will die."
"Nuke" (C) 1987/2005 Brad Michael Moore

If we took time, a moment of reflection-knowing all we know&having done all we have done-considering our best strengths~What are we best at?

If US Bans Air Flights directly from Africa countries w/Ebola-we can't fight Ebola&This doesn't stop someone traveling to Europe-then to USA


The Idiot Republican cop to all questions over,"Climate Change is,"I'm not a Scientist-I don't know what to do."Neither am I&Iknow what toDO


#Republican: I’m not a Scientist-So you fear the sun won’t rise tomorrow, or you can’t imagine if you should have sex on your wedding night?


A millennium (plural millennia) is a period of time equal to 1000 years-Injustice is likely Pre-historically long&all of our responsibility.


Alejandro G. Inarritu said,"Sometimes its the size of a Starling-sometimes its the size of a vulture,but we all have a Birdman.”Me:NotSoSure


One can look&say: You are 1/2 Jewish, 3/8th Protestant, & 1/8th Cherokee-& some would say-Agnostic. I don't believe you can lable me...


For you-who truly want to make a difference in our world-Just walk in your neighborhoods & talk to those you meet & ask what saddens them...


When #INGInsurance -a main cause to our 2008 Crash, changes their name to #Volya-its not to take a step forward-Its to hide their Evil Elke!


Staying Under the Radar--It has been the key to my successes in life-staying under the radar.I find what I need&I am under the radar-Blessed


I doubt I am.I hope I will be.I pray I am normal.I worry no one will notice.I imagine I am liked&even thought of&if so-in a flattering light


"If someone ever sends you something they made with their own hands-you should be sure to give them something in return - Donna Thompson-‘65

"A Real Nice Rub" (C) 2009 Brad Michael Moore



When you lose someone-it really opens up your calendar-to face new possible horizons. Putting sadness away to walk new ground is life to go!
On a train a fellow was so worried Obama was going make an Executive Order allowing him to serve a 3rd Term as President-They said so on FOX
"Autumn wilds&sirens singing-first fallen leaves-like longings still holding their moisture.Time's decay overwhelmed by starry night's scent
I search the many voids-once filled with spaces to work in.I have tasks to do,verily I do.
I have often daydreamed myself to sleep imagining,at least, our North, Central,&Southern American Continent w/man unincluded
Peace begins where you are-where you live. You can then try to diffuse eruptions when you find them - use reason

I'm going to sleep-are you waking up?Most people here are waking up-that's why I going to sleep.If your waking up like others near you-Cool!


Really, that last #Tweet paints my scruples fairly poorly, and the whole point of Twitter is to oversized all aspects of one's true nature!


Would I give #advice based upon 2nd-hand #knowledge? I Guess it depends on the chances you know the places I personally reside-all of them!


Eboli in Dallas, Texas, USA-My Hometown, is troubling to me-Not because,'We cannot deal with it!'It's the idea, "How porous countries are!”


South West Africa,Hong Kong,Sudan-still,Ukraine-Someone pointing you out to a group of people yelling,"That's Our Congressman!" Im far away!


Sept. 29

Am, I clear! Wither the Dust that Falls Near Me! Bats out swinging, every direction Beats Me to a Pulp. I have found my cry, "I Will stand"

Sept. 28

"I open my heart on out-First, Just a little, suddenly,My Life falls out-& I am in the middle of Nowhere-Just left with my heart hung out"

Foregive Me.




Delayed gratification is like confections I grow a taste for as I get older-but can delay until-most appropriate time. My cat-I NEED IT NOW!


Sep 17

PresidentialElection comprised w/candidates fr: Conservative,Libertarian,Republican,Democratic,Independent,&Progressive Parties:The #TrueWay


A quickie, a riff, a bit spiffy, a .gif, a hole-in-one, a one and you're done, a stitch in time saves nine, you do the crime&you do the time



A molecule of H2O in a vacuum cannot explode into smithereens,so,it must go into a cubical & become colder that Ice ever thought it could be


"Frosted Around My Toes" (C) 1979 Brad Michael Moore



Sep 9

#IPHONE 6 and IPHONE 6 PLUS #IPHONE6PLUS Boys&Girls raised thinking bigger is better-many relearn you use what you get, or, you lose it all!


Sep 8

#WhyIStayed, Single, was my fear of responsibility-having had my mother & two brothers, & myself being abandoned by my father when I was 8.


Sep 8

If you follow the Polls-you might think-Why Vote. I don't look at the polls-I vote in every election offered, and I vote my heart to my USA!


We fell apart today-Space between us was too strong to stay-you dimmed away. Wish that I had found the word to make you try to make it heard

The Universal Vision is that We All Survive-We All Improve our Great Earth's Position-That is all that matters-If Our Vision has No End Date


All our world Issues, nearly, result because Our World does not Govern Together-to Better All-Instead of One Nation or 1 politic or 1 wealth


World Survives(Greatest Chance)if America Leads(with Others)&that Requires ! Compromise IS Main Point in /.Vote2Govern



(Self Portrait - Pre-Wedding & LA!)



#America, #LandoftheFree, #OnceUponATime Well, that takes up my 3 Hashtag Limit... What might yours be for the times? 




So lessons are for real, my dreams are tools created-just to improve-a real world that begins w/my 1st sigh&stretch&decision to see it thru!


Dreams are ways to help you see the bars you build between-you & all the things you need most to have, but don't believe you deserve, so sad



"Spare in Dream" by Brad Michael Moore  (C) 2007




Sep 7

Someone is reading this because they are seeking knowledge that requires unknown strength & courage-to leave behind those failings they know


My life's not so important as lives of all my fellow Americans who will be deeply affected in many negative ways if Dems lose Senate in Nov.


What if America & President Obama decided to declare there IS NO Legitimately Recognized Government in Syria & put ISIA in the same boat?


It's been a painful day-even moreso than so many that have come before it-and there, alas, a chance to prose out my grief and find a sleeve.



Sep 2, 14

Vote November to feed our American poor&build our Middle Class: Don't vote and feed our 1% who will pay America less, break unions, mk chaos


Lazy Media's really reaching far to think it's a big deal crazy people are jumping off balconies into abandoned pools in #Libya #AnimalHouse


Aug 31

One can hurt my persona with a lie,but only my heart if a lie convicts the innocence of one I love.This kind of lie-I cannot decide:Forgive?


Once I knew fear as it caused hair on back of a friend's neck to stand out straight-when we faced life threatened;Today myhairszaped w/anger



Aug 25

Free-ranging domestic cats kill 1.3–4.0Billion birds & 6.3–22.3Billion mammals annually. Un-owned cats cause the majority of this mortality.




Look at our present,"Trending Topic..."ISIS,Israel,Pakistan,Syria,&Ukraine.My opinions on these topics are testy-at best-I'm gonna need MOFO



Aug 19

Hey People&Police of #Ferguson-It's time to put down your tin lids&rubber bullets & flash grenades&words-Come to #Understanding of #Justice!


Aug 18

Sometimes,Depression is just like runnin out of gas¬ being able to get out of bed-for days! Unless your friends share your bed-who knows?


Aug 15

If we expect #Justice for #MikeBrown in #Ferguson, National/Federal intervention will be required-Local PDChief,Thomas Jackson, will acquit.


Aug 14

Congrates to @chucktodd for his new job as #Moderator of NBC's #MeetThePress! I will definativly tune in! #NBC



Aug 20

William Rivers Pitt | To Know the Darkness and the Light Robin William's musings of #Bi-Polar and it's Opposing Light http://www.truth-out.org/opinion/item/25564-william-rivers-pitt-to-know-the-darkness-and-the-light#.U_RACBtVepM.twitter   


With #RobinWilliams knowing of his own diagnosis with #ParkinsonsDisease -I believe he wanted to go out (of life) at the peak of his Genius.


Aug 12

#RobinWilliamsWillLiveOnForever Its the good you leave behind in those hearts you touch in meaningful ways-meaningful memories R passed down


"Feathered Flower" by Brad Michael Moore (C) 2006 [Digital Artifact]



Aug 8

Leased a Lux Auto to drive to my niece's wedding in Colorado tomorrow.Long Drive-Service, pictures,dinner&return 2 TX 


Aug 7

Tweet To you,@ this moment,this day of your existence, this moment of your conscience, & this point of weakness-or strength, it gets better!


#ShartQuotes Absence makes the heart grow yonder…!



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