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"Until You Went Away..." - Brad Michael Moore

"Perils of Rads" © 2018 Brad Michael Moore

My interest in Arnold was an act of desperation.
I am a life-long Visual Artist, now 67 years-old. A photographic Analog Colorist in the small, medium, up to 4X5 inch sheet film formats. In the mid-1980's - I had a vision over the future of my work. I knew I needed to step forward into the upcoming, Digital Realm, and I began a plan to reach it just as soon as it became affordable to me - 10 to 15+ years in the future.
I decided to create and organize a library of images - both my creations, and a collection of images in the Public Domain. As soon as technology permitted me - I would begin, Digitizing my Library. Once that was well along the way - well - that's where faith & vision come together... I had to trust I'd know where to go with this effort as soon as It had reached its critical mass.
I had a friend who was Microsoft Certified that went into business for himself as an Enterprise Installer of small Server Systems to run small single schools, churches, and such. I began developing proficiency in PhotoShop as soon as it arrived to market [1993-95]. I also went to a local State University [UNT] to take on AutoCad, and brush up on my art basics - since I was self-taught.
My friend, for over 20 years, always kept my computers and software updated. As I increased my proficiencies' - I developed a new style of art I dubbed, "Hybrid Digital Artifacts!" Using the .tiff file, I create my new art by collecting numerous examples of art - stacked into layers, where after - I took portions of different layers - for color, texture, contrast, and line - to create a "new" work of art. As I developed my skills, I became proficient at, 'Digital Painting,' and in later works - I no longer had a great need for my library anymore - except to fulfill specific purposes.
As technology proceeds - old software becomes obsolete - or at least - unavailable to consumers as corporate providers continue to update to newer versions of their wares, & make the consumer buy those newer updates - as they quit servicing older versions. I would use Microsoft, & my friend, as my two most crucial elements to my art from here out... As every new Version of Microsoft that was released {MS-95, 98, WinNT, 2000, XP etc...} My friend would carry me onward - along with all of my old software & filters I had purchased, & used over the years  moving them into the new, upgraded systems - so I could continue to work with the tools that, Brung me!"
When 2019 rolled around - my newest Dell Tower was updated to 'MS 365 Enterprise.' After 20 years - my friend, apparently having marriage issues, or the like, disappeared from the face of this earth. Then, my computer began warning me of immanent shutdown and loss of OS data. I began to panic - I couldn't find my Computer Master. I began asking around - & discovered my last upgrade was "Subscription Software" - for Commercially Licensed Enterprises - a point never explained to me. I live in a rural area, and the few people working commercially, here, do not even have a need for my profile... They serve rural communities using Windows 2010 & Win-10 Professional - both lightweights to my operating system. I finally contacted Microsoft. They were not amused that I had MS 365 Enterprise running on my system as an individual. They said they'd get back to me.
Meanwhile, I found a small group who said they could install the Win-10-P on a second unused Drive - to maintain the data (old software & filters) on my 1st Drive. This would require changing the Drives internally - so that the computer would see my F-drive as my C-drive. This takes some guru work to reapportion drive space and names. The top tech was to do this task, but, while on a long lunch-break - an underling, with nothing to do, and thinking to gain favor by helping his superior reduce his work load - took my machine and copied the downgrade Win-10-P over my critical 'Original "C" Drive...' All my working software & filters maintained, and grown through the years - that gave my art it's, 'Fingerprint,' was forever lost...
After getting the bad news. I got another call - from Microsoft - saying - They would give me a, 'Small Business Status,' & gave me a Vendor's phone number, in Chicago, who would sell me a MS 365 Enterprise License for 2 to 4 years - for either several thousand dollars - to several, several thousand dollars...  Were it that my imprisoned, 'Original Drive,' was still intact - with all of its data  years foraged in being collected - then, putting up several grand would have been well worth it. Unfortunately, it was a day too late though.
So, in desperation, I investigated Arnold to see if it could help me begin again... It didn't seem apparent it could. So - I have retired from my quest.
Brad Michael Moore
Perrin, TX 76486 UDA