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"Freedom's Lease"

"Perrin Farm Giant Sunflower" © 1998 Brad Michael Moore

I once felt I was born 50 years too soon, and that, as an artist - I'd rather been born in the days of Picasso, & Ansel Adams. The

height of time's that were solely Analog!  But, in order to feel less encumbered by the backwards nature of our kind, and it's true

history - I'd have to tow my history and knowledge!  I would have had to been born into money, and live in Paris, NYC, or in

isolation - like a true, "Jeremiah Johnson Mountain Man!" I would also need to keep a hold of my education, access to the best

materials offered in the times, & somehow keep my modern sensibilities. I really believe though, listening to this accounting - no one

really ever would want to go back to where so many rights and freedoms were yet to exist!  Tis' only in a novelist's scheme where

this would work - but never in any certain reality!  We live with the freedoms we fought so hard to acquire, & never could we settle

for less! This is why Trump is doomed in his end - a free society will never give up it's 'Freedom's Lease' to a tyrant - and no one

ever truly wants to return to the days when we were [Oz] great (again). Fact is - we still have a good ways to go to meet our best

expectations...  The only truly great things about our past times - were the air, the water, the lack of chemicals in everything we

smell, touch, eat, & breath today!  The Glass Ceiling has still not been completely broken - even yet, and now, Climate Disruption

may make all of our dreams, and all of our freedoms gained - a moot point. Today, the wealthiest of this world's corporate and

individual thieves will still continue to line their pockets with the silver of all of our eventual fortunes - until we perish all