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"Terminal Lucidity"

"Gwendolyn Erline Moore, at 16"

"The Miracle of Gwendolyn's Terminal Lucidity"

'The 12th Day'

by Brad Michael Moore

My mother, who passed away from multiple natural causes, including being a 4.5 year Survivor of Breast Cancer (Right Radical Mastectomy), Reoccurring Pneumonia, Dementia - possible Alzheimer's, & Nursing Home protected Elder Abuse, by an aide (she was immediately moved to a new facility). In that second Home - my mother lived her last 4.5 months of hours.

Gwendolyn was unconscious for the last 16 days of her life - all but for the exception of a period of - less than 2 hours - on the 12th Day of her last, long sleep... On that day, 4+ days before her, 'Physical Death," and 2 days before her, "Spiritual Death," Gwen had an, "Awakening - a short period of, Terminal Lucidity!"

"Back Story"

In early January, of 1999 - I was at my farm - over 100 miles away - on the day my Grandmother, 'Mimi,' fell in her backyard... I received very strong, distinct, "Impression," from Mimi - almost immediately, and began trying to raise her by telephone - she did not pick up. This was not exactly unusual... Sometimes, when, 'Telephone Solicitors,' would harass her - she'd stuff her bedroom phone in a dresser drawer, and I would drive all the way to her home - to make sure she was OK. Mimi would eventually forget what she did, & never (later), hear legitimate telephone calls either! 

On the day I felt that impression - it was so strong - I called my mother, Gwen. She was immediately concerned, and asked me to drop by her farm - pick her up, and we'd both drive to Dallas together.

Upon our arrival, Mimi's house windows were all closed up, and Mimi's doors were also locked. I was able to stand on a back porch chair and peek through a high window... I quickly spotted Mimi's legs on the kitchen floor. I immediately broke the window above her kitchen sink (the smallest window I could break, and still fit through...)! Mimi had fallen - maybe 12 hours earlier, and had crawled more than 75 feet - over yard, brick, and concrete steps - to reach her house. She kicked the pre-locked kitchen door shut with her foot after she had successfully crawled all the way inside. Mimi was still conscious when we found her, but, she was suffering, 'Full-on Laryngitis'. Apparently, after her fall - she hollered out for help, in her backyard, for a good while, sorrowfully - no one in the neighborhood answered her pleas! The kitchen phone was mounted up high upon the wall, by the kitchen door, so, Mimi could not reach it... However, as 'unexplainable' as it is - I had, 'heard her call,' anyways...

Within the first 24 hours, at the hospital, Mimi had quickly captured something terrible - I had never heard of, the physician called it, "Hospital-acquired Pneumonia." The doctor advised us my Grandmother had, at best, 36 hours left to live - not even long enough for Mimi to ever regain her voice - so we could talk. Mimi was admitted to the hospital on an early Friday Afternoon, fell unconscious late Saturday afternoon, and passed away the following Sunday afternoon. I saw Mimi take her last breath of life...

"Terminal Lucidity! - 2013"

It had been eleven days since my mother had been conscious, and had eaten her last meal. I had Hospice Care in addition to what the Nursing Home was providing. In those last 6 weeks of Gwen's life - I had purchased a, "LazyBoy" Chair, and two end tables. I replaced the room's other furniture with my own, and set it up confronting the right-side of her hospital bed - allowing enough room not to interfere with aides and nurses going about their business. I slept in Gwen's room every night of those last near-six weeks. I spent most of the daytime hours with mom too - for over the final 10.5 years of her life. Suffering from increasing Dementia, and always a, "Fall Risk," - there was no other choice - no family, available, and a "Full-time,' nurse was unaffordable...

Gwen passed away on a Sunday - the day after St. Valentine's Day, 2015, and two days after Friday the 13th - {the day she spiritually passed away}... So, on that last Wednesday, of her last week of Gwen's life - it began like so many others. I awakened. The home aide brought her breakfast {they always served her meals - believing that, sometimes, just the habit of bringing her meals, routinely, might jog her awake}. On this Wednesday, I took my usual notes on Gwen's condition - checking the temperature of her limbs, and looking for Rapid-eye movement. Mom had been constantly moving her pupils beneath her very transparent, thin, eyelids - so, it was easy to see she was still, "with us!" 

At mid-morning, I decided to run down the Boulevard - to find me a, 'Fast Food Breakfast.' The menu closed at 11:AM. I ate my food driving back to the nursing home. What I found, upon my return was the following, very ethereal event...  As I approached my mother's room, in Hall # 3, I noticed there was no one at the front desk - in fact - I didn't see any staff - just residents on the entry area couches. When I reached my mom's room - her door was being held open by the last remains of many people - who all seemed to have been spilling into my mother's room! I was bewildered - what was going on? Someone at the door announced, "Her Son has returned! It appeared nearly every employee of the nursing home was in my mother's room - both nursing and even some administration...

As I tried to get to my mother's bed - on the far side of the room, suddenly, I heard my mother's voice! "Gwen," who, in the previous years, had lost the majority of her hearing, her voice, her sight, her mobility, and, as a result of the abuse at the previous nursing home - she had lost the abilities of her right hand - her writing hand, her hand to eat with, as well... As I reached the end of my mother's bed - I found mom there - at the head of her bed, sitting up, 'alertly' - talking, quipping, and laughing with all of these nursing home people... Gwen seemed to believe she knew them all! Many of them, apparently, knew what they were witnessing, "Terminal Lucidity," which, I could see - they were interpreting - as a, 'Miracle!'. As I quickly approached, I kissed my mother on her forehead - she said, "Brad, you look so tired, sit down, in your chair - I tried it out a few minutes ago - it is so comfortable!" So, apparently, Mom had been out of her bed, and I missed that... Then an employee said proudly - "She's eating her 'Second' breakfast plate, we've prepared for her!

I was in shock, I felt like this was a, "Stage Play," where I had forgotten my lines! Everyone continued to laugh at my mother's humor, and I was just as astonished as they all were - that mom seemed not to be suffering from any of her physical losses - it was so unbelievable! Mom asked me about her other two sons, and had a few more bites of food - at the staff's insistence - {they really wanted her to eat}! Then, suddenly, after what seemed like an unscheduled 'period of timelessness', Mom suddenly said she was full, and was ready to rest a bit... Within ten minutes - she was sound asleep - and would never awake again...

Slowly, everyone left the room and returned to their responsibilities... One woman said, gently to me, "We don't often get to see this kind of event - but, it does happen, and, we all have our stories - now, you have yours!" 

- Brad Michael Moore {My accounting from Wednesday, February 11th,  2015.}


"Gwendolyn at 85"