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"Wherever the Wind Blows!"

I've been 2 weeks in the field in the sunny, but windy afternoons -
going from one patch of tall-stem Blue Grass, and 'other native tall
stem grasses' in my Grassland Field - they all, after the 1st freeze [
I've had a number of those] produce 'Fluffy Seed' clusters at the
tip-tops of their stems... I lightly grasp each stem below the seed
cluster, and then do an upper sweeping stroke - which relieves the stem
of all it's fluffy seeds into my hand. Then, I throw them all into the
gusty winds, and allow them to spread these newly-freed seedling fliers -
to sail off into the other regions of my field that the winds may carry
them! It allows the specie's seeds to be spread far more efficiently
than if dislodged naturally - which would happen closer to the ground -
limiting the reach & range of how far the tiny seedlings can go.
Lifting, and releasing, them an extra 3 or 4 feet in the air - on a very
gusty day - allows these seedlings to really spread out farther down
range... On every day that is suited - sunny [near comfortable] and
windy - the winds will be blowing a slightly different direction. Since
the grass clusters are spread out - often many yards apart - it takes
weeks to cover the 22 or so acres that comprise my Native Texas
Grassland Certified Field. It's a new way of being a, 'Johnny
Appleseed," I just envisioned this year - after I recognized how far
apart each plant was. I hope next year - my efforts this past month, or
so, will propagate a much thicker, greater amount of species growth I
can recognize next year, and, if I'm right - then I will repeat this
process again - over these next few years - to literally populate my
entire field with my most favorite grasses! It makes for great activity -
2 hours a day for maybe a month - at my age - daily activity is so
important, and this is non-stress activity, meditative, and my dog gets
the benefits as well - as she love to rustle up quail, dove,
meadowlarks, and rabbits - whilst I work. This is my idea of
'entertainment' and having a good time. 

Earlier, I spread about 2,000
Plum seeds I harvested from my best, 'Hybrid Plum Tree' - which really
went bonkers with the plums this year! I figured it must have gotten
just the right amount of rain and sun at just the most perfect times,
this last late winter, spring, and early summer - to produce just a
bumper crop - like none I have ever seen before. So, I figured - those
plums must have really great seeds in them - and, believing that so - I
collected falling fruit for about the 3+ weeks it took for the tree to
drop all it's loot, and I would plant those [throw out at night] - in
open areas - since I have learned, from observation, that the tree
naturally liked to drop it's daily offerings at about 4 am in the
mornings. That's usually my bedtime - so I had to readjust my sleeping
schedule for a month - and now - I'll have to wait a couple years to see
if my, 'Plum-crazy idea,' takes to sprouting successfully in the
near-future! It would be wonderful, in a decade or so, to have a meadow
full with a thousand plum trees blooming out their beautiful lacy white
flowers every spring! It could even become an attraction to the road
travelers - who go passing by on the highway that affronts my property's
western boundary... I figure it's always good to plan out for things to
look forward to - at this time of life... I never had kids to watch
grow - so I have always had to settle for trees, and lesser natural
niceties! - Brad