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Sing This While Im Doing You Doggy-style, Please!

"61st Redemption," © 2018 Brad Michael Moore

"Sing This While I'm Doing You Doggy-style, Please!"

{Angry Lyric}

I Was Barely Nine - I Was Turning Seventeen - Growing Up Too Fast ­- I Asked, "What Does Life Mean?"

The Earth - it kept on spinning - though I couldnt sleep, or sane-dream.
I lost JFK, RFK, and my dear Martin Luther King!
Now, how was I to grow - my greatest leaders - all cut down?
My heart said, "Don't you know? You gotta keep your game in-bounds!"
"Protect those thoughts you have - but be careful of what you say,"
"There are dragons behind you - seeking tinder to burn away!"

The best that I could do - was to picture what I was -
Words got in my way - while images were filling these walls...
I somehow missed the, 'Draft' - before South Vietnam would fall -
Four kids died at Kent State - for just walking down a mall.
Freak flags became targets - 'Freedom of Speech,' never obeys...
Music became our motto, and LSD would reign our days!

Gone were the times we stored Coke-a-Cola by D.D.T.
Our doors that once were open - are now double dead-locked with a key.
Kids who once roamed these neighborhoods - in gangs of bicycles,
Are good old times forgotten, now - where paranoia rules the day...
Wasn't it Frank Sinatra who sang, "I Did It My Way!?"
Are we not all to blame - hiding our truths while, "Our Culture's on display?"


Brad Michael Moore 12-14-18