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The Monophonic to Stereo Age...

I was born in 1952 - very much in the age of Monophonic Sound Reproduction - on radio, TV, even records. As I grew into my early teens, The Beatles came upon the Music Scene. I was several years too young to catch a ride on the, "Elvis Train," and so I easily latched onto the Beatles - when they came to the forefront of the emerging, new, "Pop Culture." In those early years - I listened to music more via local radio stations, and TV programing like - "The Ed Sullivan Show!" I remember spending the night over my grandmother's home - where she had a nice, plugin - small, but powerful transistor table radio - about 10 inched long, 5 - 6 inches high and 4 - 5 inches deep! It was a maroon plastic encased device - two speakers - but monophonic sound reproduction!

I'll always remember the first time I heard the Beatle's, "I Wanna Hold Your Hand!" The Beatles opened up my mind, and young life, to all the possibilities of youthful imagination and enthusiasm! Stereophonics came along with the Beatles as they headed into Musical History. Their first two albums were released in Mono ["Please Please Me," 22 March 1963, (mono), "With The Beatles," 22 November 1963, (mono),] and thereafter, all of their releases were recorded in Stereo, beginning with, "Meet the Beatles," followed by, "A Hard Day's Night," 10 July 1964, "Beatles For Sale," 4 December 1964, "Help!," 6 August 1965, "Rubber Soul," 3 December 1965, "Revolver," 5 August 1966, and then - their monumental stereo musical album - "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band," released on the first of June 1967. Stereo devices became a necessity to music lovers!

I remember, growing up in a large city, Dallas, where two Gordon McClendon radio stations began experimental radio broadcasting by doing weekend stereo broadcasting of, "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band," in a very cool way - on one of their AM stations, KLIF, they would broadcast the 'Left Channel mono signal' of the musical LP, and on their new, "FM(*)," Radio Station, KVIL, they broadcasted the Right Channel mono signal, simultaneously! All you needed were two radios, home, or portable transistor radios, and you and friends or family could hear a live Stereo Broadcast! It brought a musical community together, and truly launched an international public desire for Stereophonic Play devices! Pretty cool in the day! (*) The first FM Radio Stations were all broadcasting in Monaural - but theyre quality of broadcast was much higher. Meanwhile, the range of area they could broadcast to - was much smaller than AM stations - the older technology. However, broadcasters knew, as technology grew - they would be capable of broadcasting in stereo! Although, they do not gain all the credit - the Beatle's music provided the vehicle [their recorded music, and the public who would purchased it] to create a, 'Both Sides of the Pond,' profit potential - leading to greater commercial investment towards musical production and broadcasting in general.