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An Old WordPress Blog...

My last post, on WordPress, was 6 years ago [2010] - but I am here [the day after my 64th Birthday]. I had to help my mother Pass Away - that took years longer than I could have ever imaged... So I went into, Shock Survivor Mode - I kept thinking art, and making it - but my output was greatly diminished for a few years. I spent a lot of time documenting those days, and experiences, both for legal reasons, as much as for future needs beyond the present awareness I was then functioning under. 

When I did post - it went to this Website: I have always felt a need to document elements of life surrounding me - if not as artistic expression, then as a record I hope to glean deeper meaning from in future introspection. Life is what it is - our destiny is never truly as we wish, or hope for - it is just as pure and convoluted as it can be. How we face our lives - with the hand we are dealt is, finally, how we come to understand meaning, and the purpose of our truth. I am crawling back into the creative mode I fell out of - but, I always expected to. 

It is not the first time I have fallen - in these 57 creative years out of my, now, 64 year-old life... I remember when digital photography cameras became cheap enough to come into the hands of those - other than the highest paid of professionals. When, in the mid-90's - a 9+ to 15 Megapixel Nikon would cost $50,000.00 [not including lens]. National newspaper editorial & sport departments, or the biggest of regional players - would have a couple cameras each... The photographers who got to use those cameras - where the only photographer's in that business, who were really making a salaried living everyone else dreamed of... I took my first meaningful photograph in 1957 - at the age of 5. Having a career spanning 59 years, now, has got to have it's share of up's and downs. I was shooting professionally before I was twenty. I have lived and learned the Analog Method of my field of endeavor, and I have watched the Digital Method overcome the Analog Method of capturing creativity. First it came in the music recording studio, and then the slow overtaking of the Analog Method of Photography. Digital printing was the big disappointment - it never really happened - so the Pigmented Ink Process was adopted, and adapted, to complete the cycle of the digital photography process. 

Today, the invent of moving digital photography has sprouted into the growth of a new age of communications - taken to heart some Baby-Boomers, and Gen-X, and finally, the Millennials. The Millennials - who were raised from birth, into Digital Age - are redefining all the rules. For the most part, children of talent, growing up as Baby-Boomers, we were were shunned, and ignored. Music became our way to break away from a confining society. Both society [its government] and Boomers - were all near-completely intolerant of one another's ideologies. Just study John Lennon's life, living in America (to his death, in 1980) as an example of the turbulence of the times... The Millennials are the first Generation, of Americans, who cannot rely on their elder generations to so succinctly help them find their future. Organically - they help themselves as Technology is their Third Eye. Therefore, all bets are off as the outcome for their generation - it will come as a surprise to everyone who witnesses it... As for me - I'm trying the finished my final chapters - that shall be tempered by the forging of all the new reaches of technology, and the spectral ways they are used by my fellow humans.

Brad Michael Moore, July 3, 2016