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"A Simple Platform!"

"Runner," © 1993 Brad Michael Moore

A Simple Platform!"  by Brad Michael Moore  20 Jan. 2018

(Patricia Zello commented, "Ive come up with a totally radical solution to all the political problems! Representatives find out what the MAJORITY of their constituents want, and they create legislation and VOTE ACCORDINGLY! Wow! Do you think it would work?")

"Of course it would! Where the Trumpians, and the first [before] Tea Party made their mistakes - they wanted to [and presently Trump's Cabinet is doing] tear down our entire Government - as if that were a "SANE' solution! Today, the world is filled with many more dispot countries than Democracies! If they see a weak Democracy they can take advantage of - they will! Believe me, there are such adversaires, today, plotting against a perceived weakened American Government! 

People must understand - We All Need Government - but it is up to each and everyone one us to make sure we are placing people - the right people, into offices (Positions of Power) who have made promises that the People's Interests - are the only interests they are going into government to exercise! The first way to begin that task is to vote for those who's core belief is - "We gotta get money out of politics - PERIOD!" This is not rocket Science, but, we have an even bigger issue - with our Supreme Court. It will take some time to turn them bad boys over - as we root for RBG to outlast the dope in the White House. 

Everybody's vote counts - and we cannot afford to become complacent after we win a great Blue Wave Election - we are going to need several 'continuous decades' of Wave Elections, until this Blue Wave becomes a Red, White, & Blue Wave - where most everybody, in America, will stand as Patriots - facing the world as 'United!' - as a single Force to champion the good side of our human nature. 

When New Government takes control of the reigns - Big Corporations will have to fall in line - [being in the process - their money will no longer be even legal in Washington D.C.] Take away the Special Interests, take money out of politics!

Create a Single Payer System of HealthCare for All Americans. Re-fund programs to educate, and re-educate the poor, and those needing it - like people who serve our country. 

Let's even make it a choice that every young adult who graduates from High School takes off two years to participate in Community Service, locally, or state-wide, or nation-wide, and World-wide. 

Tax the private Institutions to give more funding to State Institutions - to create parity in our education system, while bringing down the cost of that education, and increasing grant programs so All can afford the best education as possible! 

Make all student loans interest-free - and all interest already paid towards current student loans be reapplied to their principal owed, and create grant programs for those already saddled with old student loans that will lessen or payoff those debts! 

All Americans deserve an education of equal value weather you are rich or poor. The richest can feel free to send their children abroad, and wate their money there, but they will not come home with a better education than those who got theirs here - at home in America! 

Pay Primary Teachers their true value - make being a teacher a desirable vocation again. 

These are needs that must become a promise we make to ourselves, and we must demand of those, we put into government office, to pledge this promise to us too! 

Let us choose not to fight with swords, but come together with grace - which, hand in hand, will make America, once again, the greatest nation in the world, only this time - our words must be made to stand true - home of the free, where liberty and justice, fairness and goodwill, are our creed!" - bmm