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The Hardest Thing - Cultural Change...

Spirit of an Acorn

"Spirit of the Acorn" © 2017 Brad Michael Moore

"Sorry May be the Hardest Word, But Changing Culture is even Harder and more Everset!" 

- by Brad Michael Moore 14 Dec. 2017

I just wonder how long this can go on - people coming out and revealing their past abuse and abusers. Folks really do need to settle their old scores, and express those deeds perpetrated against them into the light of our reality - pain they could never forget again, that has affected their lives, their point of view, their openness in public, and private - even situations pertaining to their personal comfort level in just being, and presenting themselves, as it would seem most natural for them to do so!

Every action will have an equal reaction, and this worries me. We do not want anyone to feel dismissed, so it seems that - ready or not, now, today, is the time to make your case... One year from now - how will our society have readjusted its moral standards? I worry Trump is going to mix mud into clear water in all things - especially those issues having nothing to do with him - or, which have everything to do with him! These are such, "Uncommon Times!" Let's get this all out, and clean things up at home, in our State Capitals, & Washington, D. C. Let us make a change in our culture!

Speak out now, if we need to, for there is no guarantee we even will ever have a another opportunity again as, 'ripe,' as this moment is, today, this month, and this year! Let this become the rule, and not the exception among our rules of our society! By 2020, I fear [or hope], we, as a society, will have closed the book over the ways these issues are handled...

It is very important - that when an, 'Individual's Actions,' - who is a President, a CEO, a sheriff, a reporter, an artist, a manager of any business, or anyone in a position to have subordinates -a parent {children are subordinates} - everyone, including our friends, must be judged by the same standards - for the levels of the inappropriateness they are accused of - if it is - provable in our best judgement - but, let's not have this Century's, "Salam," either...

However, where there is evidence, witnesses - there must also be those people 'closest to us' who can say, to themselves [or aloud], "I've known this all along, and how do I go forward, and be fair as possible - in all ways in which I am complicit by my past silence?" These, "Once-cloudy issues are now standing in the full light of day - showing us fairly irrefutable reasons, if needed - where we can make adjustments to our ways, and means, for comporting ourselves from this point on - to live in our finest skin.

Delete someone on our Friend or Contact's List if they really are 'not' our friend - maybe they will have to earn becoming our next, 'in lineder'... Life is just too precious, and too fleeting, to live it any other way going forward... The Truth is Out There {I believe it too, FM!} - But no kidding, let the dust be stirred, and then let the dust be settled - we cannot allow for the same old outcomes anymore - this is a new generation, and there are many new generations coming up behind it.

We, today, can settle some ground rules that generations tomorrow can function by... Up to us, so very soon...

I just knew this was gonna happen - but really, what are the odds, these days? Women have finally found their voice, their freedom from living in silence. What is depressing - the Glass Ceiling - it may still be there... While we think we are seeing an avalanche today - it is, truly, just a molehill. Still, many abused men and women, or young adults, and those yet to reach the Age of Consent, are still standing in their silence - still too fearful to face their nemesis! If you know one - try to help them come out. Let's see this really becomes a True Change in our Culture - the biggest kind of change humans can make is made amongst other humans - a True Change in our Culture - the kind that never recedes - only grows wider, and clearer every day...