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"Into the Wilderness"

"Spring Affair" © 2017 Brad Michael Moore

"Into the Wilderness!"                                     by Brad Michael Moore                                               24 October 2017


Here, is a huge, locked wooden door, I can't explore - without opening it!

But, fear fills my bones - I'm lost in a house where no one is home, and their windows are nailed shut,

And then, I catch a glimpse of Clara running by - grasping a question - tightly held in her hands,

She turns at the corner in this neighborhood - it's so large - how will I ever find her now?

I scream, "Clara, please stop!" - I scream at the top of my voice, but she cannot hear me inside!

I fear - if she leaves, without hearing from me - telling her, "I love you!," but, it's so much more than just this!

Clara is all I even needed, all I ever dreamed of, ever prayed for, but - she doesn't know that!

She believes I'm a cheat, or even worse, a lying son of bitch - who will always haunt her breaking pride...

I might as well die - if I can not fly through this chimney to the sky - where I might still might find her!

I do get free of this fortress, but, before I can seek her - I am surrounded by her father's fleet of drones!

They are armed, but I am quick, so I get to them to shoot each other - now they are all crashing down!

Here, at this point, the neighborhood is gone, so is the town, and there is a river running into a forest wild!

I land on the shore, and run by this river's side - maybe it will lead me to her - I can only - I must try!

I enter this wilderness, thick and wild, with its moaning trees - that seem to be crying - maybe, I am already too late!

But then - there's smoke up ahead - coming from a cabin - with a great White Stallion - that is tied up outside...

As I approach - there are three great bears on their back feet - standing very Grizzly and wild - each blocking my path!

I plead to them, "Let me speak to her," if she could only know the truth I hold - our lives must go on!

And as I await my fickle fate, she walks out upon a porcelain porch, and waves the great bears aside...

I call her by name, I plead with her the same, on my knees, my heart bleeds, and I'm tearing when I sigh...

"Dearest Clara, forgive me my pride! All I ever wanted was to please you, not to trick you - I only want to be at your side!"

Clara speaks, in soft tones, with tears streaming from her eyes - "Dearest Dax, Have you mislead my fair innocence?"

I say, "Dearest Clara, I have not lied - This is not a trick, or a play - but by all of those before me - so jealous with 

pride, and wanton intentions inside..."

"Dearest Clara, your parents have protected you - all of your life, and they love you through their strife - but they too - 

so fear letting go of you!"

"Dearest Dax, if you do trust in me truly, I promise eternally, I am capable, supremely - of loving you most of all!"

"Dearest Clara, your life and my life - they were bound for one-another - since as children - when we both played in 

the sand..."

"Dearest Dax, I can only love, and be loved by you the same - if not - what is this life we have explored?"

"Dearest Clara, Surely you must see, you are as a part of me - as I am a part of you - in this dream we both explore?"

"And Clara, I adore you, before you speak, another word - I implore you…"

A telephone rings, and I am dreaming, no more...


Brad Michael Moore 3:23 pm, October 24th, 2017