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"Quixi-Q," © 2017 Brad Michael Moore ~ Hybrid Digital Artifact ~ Digital/Analog Image/Draw&Painting

Hey I quit blogging for a while, to recalibrate my purpose - to become more topical or, to be more insightful of the lessons of introspection - or, something else entirely... I considered including all, and or, none of the above. As for now, I have decided that being topical really dates a blog and its relevance. We all know the issues we face in these unique times, and my blogging about it here is not helpful - since you cannot participate in a, 'give & take,' of topics - because of this instrument's interface limitations. So, I will continue my blog, but going forward - I will be more introspective about the world I face, and the challenges it poses for me [and Us!]. I will also marvel at insights, and realities that make me marvel! I am an Artist, so it is important for me to find the stuff that can make one marvel - it feeds me the inspiration to carry forth in my work, and my life. I will try to keep things interesting, and, if I feel I have nothing to say - I will not waste your time, or mine, with dribbling... I do want to tackle Healthcare in America - as it affects all of us - but especially in ways I have observed it affecting my family, or myself. Some of this conversation may make you uncomfortable, or angry - at the system we are saddled with. However, there are some observations I must tackle as soon as I can muster the breadth of what I need to address... I will likely do this in several pieces - one addressing my mother's final years in our present Health Care System, and later - I may tell you of my personal tribulations ongoing. In the meanwhile, and whenever I can - I will try to marvel as much as possible, but we must also always be aware of what's lurking inside the simple scenery in our midst…   


Brad Michael Moore       13 October 2017