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Recently, & for the Time Being...

Presently, I have been doing a chronological survay - reassembling all of my historical imagery materials from
my many scattered file Cabinets, chest drawers, and other places - so I may begin to re-catalog of all my analog
rendering materials collected these past 60 years... The goal is to first reconstitute a new, correct, and
chronologicalize assembly of all my film & print collection - {I had a system through 1992} - when I moved to
the country, and that, waylaid me a decade - with all the work and responsibilities I undertook - always while
building newer digs... All of this, now, is to, finally, do one last great surge of digitalization of all those analog
materials I never completely got through earlier - in my, 'Digital Life!' This work, I feel, is relative to my
present, and future business & art career - so I'll be quiet [here], for a while, but I will be dilligently working!
You may see some of the benefits before I can even imagine, presently - so stay in touch, and let me get to
Sincerely, Brad Michael Moore