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Waiting for Autumn Habits

"Waiting for Autumn Habits" - by Brad Michael Moore 7/7/2017

Closing my eyes I hear summer's ending, where fall leaves skydive around me,

It seems another year is coming to pass, and I'm still on this park swing alone...

A quiet place in an old neighborhood - too dark to see the black strips in my rosewood,

Fingerpicks and six strings tell me they are still there - as reverberations ring out into tonight's air...

A year older, but have I learned anything new - other than there is no difference in how much I love you!

Although it's harder - my lyrics ring true - this melody cries softly in a meridian of blue.

It's been longer than I ever thought this could be - not singing your name...

I think of that last time I saw you - belly-dancing like I was never there,

And never was, "Never," - would you ever be so near to me again...

Finally I gave up the old songs I have sung for decades - All seemed a trifle long - a bit out of phase.

Now I wait for the moonlight to hold me, and what do I get? - Falling stars from other far galaxies...

This universe may not be big enough - to believe I will find another star to make my lap a new luxury.

So I will go out, and plant another Oak Tree - to someday make shade - for new lovers yet to be.


"Colliding Galaxies," © 2017 Brad Michael Moore ~ Digital Artifacts|Digital Painting ~ #Abstract ~ #Surreal ~ #LostLove ~ #lifeontheq ~