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Consequences are not Coincidence

"The Forest Dark," © 2017 Brad Michael Moore | Digital Artifacts | Digital Drawing/Painting #Abstract ~ #lifeontheq ~

"Consequences are not Coincidence,"  by Brad Michael Moore, 7/5/2017

Creatures roaming silently, in a deep concealment of night - pass under trees turning ancient - soon falling in unseen spectral light.

So are notions that grow wings - not understanding Nature's gift of flight... No matter what speed you approach, "Horizon," - it will forever flee your sight...

My heart may speak its loudest, when I am somewhere near-void of sound, but truth always stands bare in my mind's eye - regardless of whatever else is around...

So begins my greatest fear - that consequences are not coincidence... A very, 'hurt human feeling,' is 'forever' in a life - only truth, or morphine, may dull that sense...

Mine is more a question of being, and why being even becomes a question? My existence may have happened without reason - except once, I was the only, 'Sperm,' finding a good hold - while my, 'Mother,' was in, "Season..."

Who was it that came up with, "Which Came First - Chicken, or the Egg," - I point to, "Which has killed millions - Ignorance, or the Plague?"

The, "Renaissance of Mankind," slowly brings an ending upon, "Humankind..." Mother Earth will remain - She follows, "Rules of Natural Law," - Whereas this new species - called man, constantly breaks these Principals - affecting this old terrestrial realm's, "All".

Even our, "Greatest Generation," had its hand in - forever changing the air we breathe around this sphere... Time is growing quickly - when so thoughtless, and unordained - this species known as man - will soon make his last excuses, and then completely disappear...

"Over the Ocean's Deep," © 2017 Brad Michael Moore | Digital Artifacts | Digital Drawing/Painting #Abstract ~ #lifeontheq ~