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End of Days

"Palo Pinto County, Texas," © 1996 Brad Michael Moore ~ #Surreal ~ #LostFreedom ~ #lifeontheq ~

End of Days - by Brad Michael Moore, 7/2/2017

I cannot begin to express how depressing it is to have lived for 65 years, and what do I get for my troubles - America's 2016 Presidential Elections are stolen by American Citizen's apathy, an out-of-touch Democratic Party, and Russians - directed by Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin...!!!

 How could I have ever imagined this - the first time I voted for a President - back when I was only 20 years-old - in 1972? One thing I did know - no matter if 'my' candidate won, or lost - I believed, deeply in my heart, that my country - these United States of America, would be cared for - within the hands of wise people who held a world's worth of wisdom… Now, I live in a country whose President is neither wise, nor cares for my country - or respects the office he presently holds hostage, along with all the history it represents… Remember, Donald Trump did not win his position by a majority of voting Americans - he won by default - because half of America's citizens sat on their heartless, ignorant hands!

Our Democracy is falling over a ledge - into the halls where criminal behavior is rewarded, and consequences of our environment, our Middle Class, America's Dignity - it is all but damned... Meanwhile, we are being led by the most demented, deluded, cruel, egotistical, maniacal man I have seen since, Mussolini - a self-righteous, indignant man - who believed he was beloved [or should - by all accounts] be loved for his sheer audacity, and his being such a great, and most beautiful living gift to all civilization! That fits Donald Trump to a tee. Donald Trump demands loyalty without accountability - but he only deserves a straight-jacket.

 I am no longer sure America will survive this... People are walking around in a cloud that blocks any clear path they might be seeking. We are in such danger - so much damage has already been done, and the Party of Lincoln has so far only been the party of heartless, cowardly, unpatriotic, and reprehensible dilettantes - who have, in all manner of ways, lost their path…

"Box of Freedom," © 1982 Brad Michael Moore ~ #Surreal ~ #CostofFreedom ~ #lifeontheq ~

You can no longer say people with my opinion are just being hysterical - we are deadly serious that life - as we have known it - growing for over two centuries, is about to be turned into a country our that fathers, and their fathers, fought to keep as a, 'Land for the Brave - where freedom rang, and no matter what the problems were we ever faced - we always believed we could overcome them - using our knowledge, laws, and common sense.' These are qualities we sorely miss today.

If people still believe they live in, "The Land of the Free," they had better go outside and begin talking to their neighbors - because we are in a world of trouble! Our country is being steered by a blind, skewed-minded, egotistical and blackmailed criminal - who only cares over greed and money - and who is being blackmailed by America's greatest enemy since the end of World War II. We are so close to losing our Freedom of Speech - a published opinion, like this one, may very soon be grounds for, 'Life in Prison with Hard Labor,' - or maybe, Ill just get put on a, "People to Snuff-out List…" That's life in Russia folks, and we are following in their footsteps! If you are not seriously concerned over this - then you have been brainwashed, and are now just a small part of a much larger problem…