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 "Dry Ices in Spectrums" © BMM 2008
 "Dark Side Series - Black" © Brad Michael Moore 2008
                  If you look at this [enlarged] for a while - it seems to begin floating! I went through a lot of exercise before I finally arrived at this work's finality... So much detail is in this image - but you can only trust me when I say it is there - it took me nearly a week to achieve this particular piece - a long time for me when I am working it everyday. While, on the surface of it - it is mostly a less black area around more black sphere - I was going for the idea of invisible forces like magnetism, infrared, and radiation in the periphery - I did try to give it some of my soul, truly... Sincerely, BradMM.
"Dark Side Series - Purple" © BMM Only a shadow of the Dark Side...
"Strongest will Surivive" © BMM 2008
                  "Strongest Will Survive," No matter the obstacle... I return to the sphere for this piece - only, this time it represents a near-impenetrable boundary which life must escape from to survive. If a chrysalis falls from its perch, and gets buried, woe is for the butterfly or moth.  We all have our boundaries we know we must exceed - if great questions in our striving will ever be understood - the more boundaries we exceed... Well, you know. - bmm
"A World Becoming More Desert, Still Has Energy In Its Core..." © BMM 2008
Another that will end up in my Sphere Series - this one is for Cassie's recent request. I wanted to add the idea of impending danger, of warning - so I cut the surface open. Those who have the resource to drill to the heart of Black Gold will continue to do so - until it's gone - and meanwhile they will make sure their lobbyists try to sidetrack every other great energy alternative we come up with to lessen our carbon footprint - I just couldn't make this once look as ugly as I really felt about the subject. Maybe it holds something else for me my eyes have yet to see... - bmm
"Art, World, & Internet" © Brad Michael Moore 2008
Making room for a path...
"Freedom was Blowing in the Wind,"
As a, "Free-born," human, and as an artist, growing through young adulthood - I was drawn towards those peoples living without, or, stripped of their freedoms. Many, I could reach, were in countries behind the Iron Curtain of 1982. Having the independence to witness, and distinguish, peoples less free than myself, gave my own liberty more meaning, and wider self-perception. My art is my sovereignty. The price of independence, "is," buried in the ground - and, sometimes, the hope of freedom is buried there too. I never allow myself to forget these truths. Brad Michael Moore
MayoBravo Sphere
"Reptilian Cradle..." (*) See "Series Theories Texts for tale of this Series"
 "Plausible Denial & the Phantom Rogue" - "Sphere Series © BMM 2008"

The sphere has always held a special interest to me. When I was 13 years old, - around the summer of 1965, my brother, and several childhood friends - out for and evening stroll, witnessed what had to be an exploding star - it turned the baseball field, at the camp we were crossing in, brighter than day - and when I looked up to the heavens - a blue white day-like sky quickly the light turned into a receding and darkening halo - like a circle of prism reflection in the night sky. The light ring (brighter on the inside than the outside) quickly shrunk to the size of a large planet and disappeared. There is a name for these phenomena, Super Nova. This image has never been lost on me, and I have always been interested in spherical forms every since.

Date of Series origin: 03 & 04/2008
 "All Wrapped Up"
"Closer to a Wild Thing, Shaida"
"Was a Wild Thing, Shaida"
"A Nice Rub" - (*) See "Series Theories Texts for tale of this Series"
"Riverstone Sphere Number One"
"Riverstone Sphere Number Two"
 "World Building Number B1zz"
"World Building Number One"
"World Building Number B1"
"World Building Number 3"
"World Building Number 4" © BMM 2008
"World Building Number 5"
"Planet Making Two"
"Another Real Nice Rub"
"Number One Rub"
"Feathered Flower" - Stolen Work (Pre-Series Work)
"Glassen Ring" (Pre-Series Work)
"World Building Number 0A"