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Louisa - Perrin - East Pond by Brad Michael Moore ~ © 2016 (all Images on this site & this page...
"East of Eden," I began taking nature images as a 6-year-old with my grandmothers twin-lens Argus  that 

was back around 1958. I began seriously photographing (in earnest) around 1967  alongside the coming days of Woodstock, and, The Summer of Love, 

(1969). Nature became my keen interest by 1975, and held my primary concentration for another ten years. Thereafter, I became curious in manipulating my 

landscapes, altering, enhancing, and even growing my images into an art beyond their own realism...
New Mexico Magical sky...
The Tsankawi people, like other early pueblo dwellers, 
were farmers growing crops 
including corn, beans, & 

The cause of decline of the 
Tsankawi people has been conjectured to have resulted 
from drought, soil-eroding 
flash floods, famine, disease 
and soil depletion.  The area was permanently abandoned 
within a decade after Coronado's visit to the region in 1540.
A ghostly silhouette (cave room door) awaits me as I reach the first caves a southern plateau.  With a short growing season, the Tsankawi people, of New Mexico, had to rely on neighboring Pueblo dwellers for trade using their pottery to obtain other needs like cotton. These were times before the Spanish arrived in the region. Geologically, this area is made largely of Tuff (consolidated volcanic ash) and basaltic lava ejected thousands of years ago from a great volcanic eruption. 

Footprints upon footprints have erase each last visitors steps with the newer passerby. The Tsankawi used cotton cloth, which has been found in caves like this, which suggests they also had the loom. © 2003 Brad Michael Moore
Remnants of a Wedding on the Trail of the Tsankawi lead me away from the mystical, magical place - filter into dreams, memories, and essences of what I experienced already there to engage the ones who are truer seekers...
The more modern aged Pueblo people of New Mexico were ancestral to the Anasazi Tribes that inhabited areas of present-day Mexico and Arizona.  Among these, the Tsankawi (pronounced SAN-ka-WEE), were, by the hands of time, flourishing from 700 A.D. into the 1300's before beginning their decline. The ruins photographed for this presentation were developed around 800 A.D.  The Tsankawi Trail is a detached unit of the Mother-Park, Bandelier National Monumental, itself created in 1916. Roads to Tsankawi Trail were created in 1985.  The Tsankawi Ruins, some still not excavated, are scattered along adjacent canyons throughout the National Monument's boarders that end to the northeast along NM Hwy 4. These ruins and cave rooms overlook valleys created by the Rio Grande Rift. This area was finally protected in February, 1963, by a proclamation signed by President John F. Kennedy.
Light & Dark Contours of Mother Earth (Can you see the face on the pottery shard? - The Crush of Time
Tree-ring Chronology & correlations of pottery type indicate these ruins belong to the late pre-Spanish period and were inhabited until about 1550 A.D.)
"Lake Yellowstone - Sunrise..." Wyoming USA
"The Forest Upon a Stone" - Jack County, Texas
"Mariscal Rim - Big Bend, Texas USA"
"Convergence's Eddy (Ebb & Flow)" - CapRock State Park, Texas USA
"Fisheye on Turtle Creek, Highland Park, Dallas, Texas USA"
"River Bend _ Yellowstone Park, Wyoming USA"
"Nature's Greatest Sandstone Carving - North Rim, Grand Canyon National Park USA"
"Upon Fall - Texas"
"Resting Place for a Twig"
"Lechuguilla - Big Bend National Park Texas USA"
"Clear Stream - Norway"
"Ancient Warrior - Canyonlands National Park Utah USA"
"Sunset above the Arctic Circle, Norway"
"Upon His Watchtower"
Gleaming Stream - south central Texas"
"Purple-Tinged Prickly Pear Cactus - Big Bend National Park Texas USA"
"Reflecting Leaves - Plitvicka Jezera Park lake in Old Yugoslavia, present day Croatia"
Northern Norway"
"Four Falls for Four Sisters" - Plitvicka Jezera Park lake in Old Yugoslavia, present day Croatia"
"Virgin Creek" - CapRock State Park, Texas USA
" V-Rock - Plitvicka Jezera Park lake in Old Yugoslavia, present day Croatia"
"Half Dome Full Moon, Yosomite National Park, Califorina"
"North by Northwest"
"Sentinel - South Rim, Grand Canyon National Park USA"
"Slipping Rock - North Rim, Grand Canyon National Park USA"
"Tree Without Leaves - Capital Reef National Park, Utah USA"
"Northern Norway"
"Petrified Wood - slab face from the, 'Bill Candler' Collection" - Dallas, Texas USA
"South of Lake City, Colorado"
"Sipping Coffee at Sunrise near Ouray, Colorado"
"Crisped - Central Colorado"
Small waterfalls are like songs - each with its own cadence and melody - bridge to its soul.
Perrin - East Pond
The Last Reaping Of the Perrin Farm Wheat-field - 2010