Not Really a Puzzle...

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Not Really a Puzzle


"Are we really so presumptuous as to take our future for granted - in the worse possible form we can imagine, based upon the breadth of our worst nightmares? Visages created from the most unfavorable and injurious of all outcomes, and ineffectually achieved through unmeasured sheer laziness, mistaken happenstance, or simple fear?

Why were we given our imaginations - if not to create a greatest spectrum of ideas, color, sound, and feelings? To expect that only the worst of outcome is more likely - can only create an incredible viability of falsehood! Everything other is a truer possibility! We can never allow ourselves to accept failing to reach, unendingly, towards our greater truth, the beauty within, or the flushness of our hearts! Giving the most one can offer, of their share of the gifts of life - is the more worthy reason for existing!"
Why should I expect any less of myself, ever - only because the truest faith of others was withheld from me in some previous days of my being? It is so easy to use the frailty of being human as a superfluous excuse for accepting everything that falls lesser than perfection. Could it be our actual purpose is acceptable - even when, perceptively, it only measures, ‘nearly,’ to the fullest of every possiblity - that we can fall short of our every near-perfected dream, hope, or reason for living, and that be alright?"
I say - I believe, the most magnanimous conclusion I mindfully make will always be before me - that every achievement, seemingly higher in scope than the one before it, is only a stepping-stone to an even more gloriously excellent great deed to acomplish... If your really imagine this possibility to it’s most superior, magical, and most novel conclusion - is not the sum of all our good deeds - the apex we best refer to as, "The Meaning of Life?"

by Brad Michael Moore, October 20th, 2015

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