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"Brad Michael Moore - The Parts Cherokee in Me" © 2013 Brad Michael Moore


[ Always Under Construction ]




Apr 1

@suegrant54321 April Fool's Day-where we all can be proud to be human-especially those who have been fooled the least

Bill Murry is an Actor&I believe he has a lifetime of adventures going in&out&around art round our world

It's not you,or your small steps, It's the pain to get on mark-be straight,strong,unflappable. Who we are, not you & me - you & I together!


Never settle for less than your worth-Laugh at assholes,& Raise Believers to Exercise Paying It Back as if they were Sleep-walking & Smiling

 Mar 23

I am strong, we are stronger. Haters are smothering in our love-kiss everybody- feed your neighbors kids-tell them to do an act of kindness!


#BestLieEver I really plan to vote this next election because I know that not voting is the same as voting that Corporations are people too



"When one man, for whatever reason, has the opportunity to lead an extraordinary life, he has no right to keep it to himself."~Film:Rushmore

Jacques-Yves Cousteau


What brings politicians to more moderate positions on Gay&Human Equal Rights-is they're not wanting to fail in the opinion of their Children


I Was Born to & be Loved. I have Loved & been Loved. I Will be Loved- Even after I Die-But, That Love is Only Equal to How I Love Now!


I'm going to, I'm, I am going, I'm going to,to go (*) no this is no butt-dial...but, I'm trying to,Trying to go-to, I am,4real-Goin to Sleep


Forgiving is like forgetting-It's about letting go of detriments that impede your progress along the path before you.



All that is You, all You have Grown, all that You Learn-&all the Best You have come to have Known-It is the Wrapping for your Ethereal Soul.



Brad Michael Moore ‏@KeechiMan 2/24/2014

When you're Eyes are Open-& Comes the Day-Your song-is Spoken-In Words- that can never Parse the Truest Meaning-Coursing through your Veins.


Brad Michael Moore ‏@KeechiMan

Too far & away-she is breathing life-our beating hearts-once were in play. Time was short & my eyes were closed-Now-I sigh-what have I done?


"Molded Whilst Just in Clay" © 2007 Brad Michael Moore




"Freedom's Fare - 1x4b" © 1972 Brad Michael Moore


One persons is their God-Not mine or ours-You own yours&I own mine. Expect no one to follow your belief-to each their own path to glory




#PhillipSeymourHoffman-This way out of life isn't always a choice-but happenstance to a terrible habit-An Exploration Of UnregulatedDreaming


Thanks #DickCheney& #GeorgeBush-All Americans-no matter where-or how they want to live-We Are All Commanded to have a #VerifiableAddress Bro


This Winter has given me a drubbing - knocked me off my routine, & I have been couch-pototaoing too much-I need someone elusive to run after


@krystalball I always fear U're too aware of glass ceilings&you work so hard when you've nothing to prove-you're perfect=by human standards!


All will be forgiven,every mistake remembered will bring a chuckle,all false starts,& missed opportunities-they still got your truths, sigh!


#DavidDewhurst Did not beat #TedCruz for #TexasSenateSeat-& you think folk won't remember when they vote for Lt.Governor-or,"The PhoneCall?"


@thecyclemsnbc Abby-your party's the reason our President's agenda never is aspired to-admit it! You are the problem not admiting the truth!


@TheDailyShow Hey Dave, you come up with a great, "Get," w/the best US Speaker of the House in decades,& you still harp on the ACA-How Anal.


Scarlett Johansson Steps Down as Oxfam Ambassador Amid SodaStream Super Bowl Controversy  via @usweekly You go woman!


@richardbranson #epitaph :DOA But hung around anyway - just in case "Something Wonderful,"happened... [with the Bad]


@jabriella How hard some work only to journey to the edge of a cliff,&how many have considered how to avoid it-should they venture too close


 Brad Michael Moore ‏@KeechiMan Feb 2

@jabriella Find the guy you can fight topically-over dinner till food always get cold-then you take it to bedroom & order pizza & champagne!




American General S. McChrystal once said of #Afghanistan- "We Were Under-Resourced." No,General-just America,it's children,homeless&jobless.



#Teach, your #Children well-that Life is Hell-without #Science, when 1/2 of US believe-Earth is 8,000 years old!Those are the apes now/NUZOO


"Little Boy Blue" © 1998 Brad Michael Moore



I have Admitted Today-What I have Missed all my #Life Before-I have never Loved Another as Much as I have been Loved!


"I Have Never Loved Another as Much as I Have Been Loved" © 1979-91 Brad Michael Moore




@keancarmi @suegrant54321 They say an abandoned vessel is heading for Ireland with nothing but canibalistic rats on board-Oh Drat-symbolism!


Jan 24

Fell asleep@my computer desk 2 nightz this week,&yesterday morning-I woke up in my LazyBoy w/the TV blaring&it's remote still in me handgeez


@krystalball Everyone in the world benefits outside our US Territories - we are like a happy Buddha shedding ourselves of all our treasures!


 Jan 4

If Americans don't start voting folk into office w/our own interest in mind-instead of corporations,think tanks,&wingnuts-whoas our children



One thing that really impresses me about my niece--she has never watched TV-even the stuff that might interest her. She'd rather be dancing!




Like all early(#Love)relationships you have in your life-they scar you in some way-create wounds you carry on from great love-Felicity Jones


"Sweet Sue" © 1968 Brad Michael Moore



Jan 1, 2014

Phil Robertson Advice to Men: Marry 15-Year-Old Girls Cause -They Will “Pick Your Ducks” …

via @slate WHAT Backwards Is!



"Dec 24

No surprise to me, but #WallStreet,&pundits, seem a little put off&confused #TweeterStock is having a meteoric rise-Look at Tonight-ICAnswer"


How great it is to have best friends! How sad that best friends have a shelf life. Old best friends still answer your calls&Send Xmas Cards!



Like any good progressive liberal-I kill Christmas every year about the 1st of Jan- when I take down the lights & put the tree to the curb.

Curbside Christmas Tree" © 1998 Brad Michael Moore




If a Glass #Christmas Ball falls to break on the floor-Don't be sad-Celebrate the #Memories freed from it's confines!

"A Real Nice Rub" © 2013 Brad Michael Moore



Why is it all of my #Christmas Gifts come with: "Some Assembly Required!" Like the Lady says,"Where is a good screwdriver when you need one?

$177.00--the cost to pay for Room&Board-Food&Education for One-Year for One-Girl through the #KINDfund in Malawi!-or, $65 for a school desk!

@SenatorReid UI Extn's- How many more times can the Repubs show they want to screw all Americans not in the 1%. This is another perfect example

I make PW's based on initials of past relationships&key #'s I associate to each-Works well-I never forget my PW's-As they represent my life.

@jilevin Exxon-Mb,BP-They all tout how much they spend on US-Education,Energy efficiency,--But never does #BigOil find new ways to clean up!

My feelings-a bucket full of splash-flattering-glamoring,& coming off a palette brimming full of dash-pixel ash,dream-smoked hash&drumming



Wishing forward,slipping backward,&moving sideways-Seems I'm always spinning in gravel.Still,Somewhere-Somewhere not here-I've a place to go


"Spelling Myself Out" © 2013 Brad Michael Moore




I can't sleep, my body yearns for something it will not reveal to me-walkin, art,poetry,star-watching, getting down on the floor w/my dogs?

#BP brags on $ it pays in US-Of course-ask USAttorney General! BP-tell US Something Real-Like You've Found Better Ways to Clean Up Your Mess

Freakishly realistic telemarketing robots, in Florida, are denying they're robots

No future living oceans can only equal to-No Future Planet Earth! No wiggle room is left in our natural resources for radiation & pollution.



"MyDreamStringTheroy" © 2010 Brad Michael Moore



#MakingEndsMeet, is to Find Where All Ends Meet- & It's a Point of #Resolution Where-What You See-is What You Get--As in, #AMirrorNeverLies



"NightMare" © 2010 Brad Michael Moore



Be careful of what you watch, read, or listen to-right before bedtime. Through your #dreams, you deal with unfinished issues of waking time.



I cannot stop the history of who I am... I can write, and be creative- So, I can also paint what tomorrow's History, in part, could be...


Nov. 26/13

Please, be kind to yourself, your family, your friends…Take the day off #Thanksgiving - & don't go shopping to feed the #Corporate #Monsters


At this time of year-How do we gauge success? How much of what we do-we truly wish to do? How much do we do-that is muscle-memory-WHATisNEW?






Nov.22/13 (50 Year Flashback)

Since events 50 yr's ago
-in my hm town
-one thing proved out
-in my mind
-it makes me sad seeing falling stars
-burning out so brightly



Will all good Americans realize the importance of the 2014 Elections, & vote against those haters who suppress the rights of others to vote?


I am curious over technology that predicts your mood, your likely mistakes & corrects you-I want in on the stock of whomever gets that right




I follow, You wander, I listen, You muse, I whistle, You hum, I worry, You tarry, I circle, You stop, I watch, You dream, I sigh, You exhale

© WistfulHiepNguyenthe


I Had a Dream-the past of all American History-after #America chose it's leader-that both parties would rise up & work together for America!


Word is,"Teens do not like Facebook," That says to me-Hey-you smart, forward-looking dreamers,inventors,&software gurus-Time to Make NewRiff

Between here & the thereafter is a potion, or notion, how time is unkind, but that surely life is so fine-crossing any minefield is worth it

"Aspiration" © 2010 Brad Michael Moore


Fading fast. Didn't get tomorrow planned out,still, I know what I need to do. Life is full of 1st Tasks that only Come Once-Thats never good


#Iran has so much to gain by joining the world community-kind'a like:America has so much to gain if its #HouseofRepresentatives would govern


When the girl onTV(who works @ #WalMart)sez "Where I work-we hire 400 people every day!" Well, Now We Know How Many Folk Quit WalMt everyday


When I ran into some real #Bohemians-in Old Czechoslovakia, It was like-we saw one another immediately. It wasn't a comfortable experience


My #mysuperpower would be the ability to understand what every person is interested in-Have Fun w/those I cheer&Run Away from those I'd fear


Let's face Facts-If we Love #America-We Must Vote 2014&return Governance to WashDC -Otherwise-Obama's erased

& we become a 3rd World Country


4 Nov

What Millennials need todo this 2014 Election Day-Have a Camp Out Party at every USA Poll Station-at least 24+hours in advance of Open-PARTY


#dichotomy - A hungry child, in bed, dreaming about Monday's free school lunch - vs - someone's burp after a full day of the chef's cooking.


Did you catch your #breath for at least one moment today, or tonight-just to feel good for making it this far, to this point? We each should


Gin-it is no tonic-it's a traitor. Ex-patriots put down straights,& the time's tinted endless-surrounded by the oceans that are our barriers


Was I afraid which way I should go? Did I need your approval just to see who really is me? Which way does this wind blow-this howling a way?


There is no argument-#Your20's- Is you Best Decade to live in #Freedom, & Time to do whatever your can think of! By your 30's, #ShitHappens.



What the world may need- is #True #Love, But, what it could use is a virus that-sorrowfully, but usefully, deleted those Ignorant by choice!


If you read this as I have just posted it-We are sharing a moment of attention unity! I'd call you if I could-but that might start a trend:)


Time we waste is such a commodity w/such value to others who come to face"The End"of theirs-wish we could spend-fund to others who need more



@frankrichny I find your humor, tonight, dryer than a Death Valley mirage-after dusk, & the sand viper-has passed with stripes echoing sand.



To @WhiteHouse Just wanted to note (along w/congrats the Nation still stands) - I, a Texan, completed my #AffordableHealthCare Application!



@SteveMartinToGo I was 5, visiting my Uncle in New Orleans. My ma & I were sat at Table #1 in his famous, 'Blue Room,' Eydie sang me a song!



@oliviawilde @BuzzFeed Never in 61 years, have I personally known a woman to ever watch tv naked-without cover of a sheet-just my experience



I finished moving into my new home-a small museum.First art lover who wants to visit can-Call for instructions via



@TheRealNimoy Someone in DC is leaking our American Liberty, Good Faith of this nation, & the future of a once proud democracy now wilting.



"A ghostly silhouette (cave room door) awaits me as I reach the first caves on a southern plateau. Footprints upon footprints have erase each last visitors steps with the newer passerby. Here, the Tsankawi People, of central New Mexico, once used cotton cloth, which has been found in caves like this, which suggests they also had the loom. These were in the times before the Spanish conquared this land."


"Open Door'Inside'" © Brad Michael Moore 2005



I've the rest of my life to ponder-get on to-I just haven't taken to it yet-like a long-caged creature suspiciously eyes his-now-opened door



"Open Door 'Outside'" © Brad Michael Moore 2005


"With a short growing season, the little known Tsankawi people had to rely on neighboring Pueblo dwellers for trade - using their pottery to obtain other needs like cotton. Geologically, this area is made largely of Tuff (consolidated volcanic ash) and basaltic lava ejected thousands of years ago from a great volcanic eruption."





"Flight/#3" © Ben James 1968


"Powers that be,depend solely upon weakness in me.The good I can do alone-happens without help of corporal society-just airs of life's call"

"We do not belong to tomorrow-yet we can shape it none the less.Tomorrow is of our own design-based upon perceptions of our own truth today"

"No one lives his life. Disguised since childhood, haphazardly assembled from voices&fears&little pleasures, we come of age as masks." -RMR


Happy 85th birthday, Stanley Kubrick.Your visionary directing unleashed my imagination to possibilities beyond myself & ideas outside my zen


"Butterfly Wall" © 2007 BMM



All ,,Tea Partiers&all in America-associated with all before-mentioned dits-CAN'T STOP My ObamaCare!

The has got to go-Voted to it's rightful grave-a place without prayers of Gods or Countries-a place jus for and

Boycott 'World Olympic Winter Games,' in Russia! Putin's made today's Gay-The Jew of earlier German History. Gay's have 0 Rights

Which Corporations you do business with have your back in matters of privacy? Look here & compare a select top few.


Judging fm all the offended white people, more of us R still in the closet than I though. "Humble Pie you all!"

What makes more sense? Screaming "Help," B-4 you murder someone-or do you scream,"Help," when someone is trying to shoot&kill you?

"We 5" © 1996 BMM


It seems easy to comprehend what an asset it is-being born white in America & what a burden to be born black & male. Another shame, America.

I'm glad so many Americans are showing up 4 Trayvon. We must realize our laws are created by the local politicians we vote in-VOTE-THEM-OUT!

5 WhiteWomen on a jury with one,"Other,"from a 72% white community! It was not too hard for me to see the dung-hole this verdict was headin4



Sometimes its -We filter, over-react to, give greater credence than justly deserved-or ignore-as if its all below us.


My mother-when my brother&I kept talking late nite, would come grab me by my feet-swing me around the bedroom-terrifying me mute



"No Swimming" © 1997 BMM



Maybe I can entertain you.Maybe I can prose introspection to your point of view.If you take me seriously enough-get your friends 2 friend me


& One before the other-both parts needed-Less one plans a lonely rest of one's life


My country not of thee-sweet land-'less' Liberty-of thee I sing.Land where my fathers died,land of the pilgrims pride-fm every mt.side LFR..


Gravity is a free force of Nature.We're born to pee freely&must teach our brain not to pee-except when approiate-let flowGO


The was signed today, July 2, my birthday! Didn't get printed until July 4th- & so the printer dated it 7/4/1776!


Everyone now may truthfully argue how polarized&dysfunctional America is. We've reached a tipping point where-after only our votes gain sway



"Lines Hold Us Together & Separate Us from Others" © 2005 BMM


The road is a friend of mine, showing me from where I came,& promising me direction yet defined-but rolling to new horizons & my end of time




"Behind the Banister" © 1997 BMM


We, who are creatures of the night--whereas others are woeful of fright--or are sleepers with DreamsWeavers & their sights--We are Watchful.





When we learn to feed & our - They will grow on to be strong & go off to , and to educate the poorest of others we leave


"Roadside Girls of Otavala" © 1983 BMM


Should not we feed&protect our children,our poor, and downtrodden-before mingling,once & again, with affairs of the Middle East?



If you ever want something done right,&on time-you only have 2 make the promise,"I'll pay you in Cash." whether 10's,100's,or$1,000's-itwrkz


Edward Snowden got canned today by his employer, Booz Allen,for violating his firm's,"Code of Ethics!" My question is:Will he get his Cobra?



Someday,on our present course,we,as #citizens,will carry status-in #society-based on scores of the collective actions/existence of our being

"Little Boy Blue" © 1998 BMM



He is innocent, and asks questions with honesty curiosity - he is a metaphor - he is my better conscience-me



On my best days-I see the future of my possibilities. On my worse of days-my relationship of surroundings dims.







































"Mentor on my Wall" © 1988 BMM



I can't apologize4 who I am-or,what I say-that's often more polarizing than my friends viewpoints.I'm very grateful they're still my friends

Racist Americans need to realize - we all know they are Racists when they split on a black Congressmen, on National TV, while going to vote.

Racist Americans need to realize we all know they are Racists - when they call our President a, "Liar," on National TV.

If mistakes are the tools of inventions, & victims are the fodder of neglect-who might too say-the abused may become mistaken-made creators?


Elizabeth Curry Marie Hanson, a 30-year-old CIA Targeting Officer, died in Afghanistan last 12/30/2009 - Google her.

          Elizabeth Curry Marie Hanson


- Congress Funding Left Wanting...


Whatz happening? It's ok-wind is blowing due south today. I, sea breezes-lit impressions-emanating a flair-all becoming my next sunny day!


For you 2 believe in somebody else-you must believe in your,"self.'' If you believe in your-Self-Then you look in the eyes of other's words.


The only way 2 improve America comes between now&the Mid-term Elections of 2014-We either reinforce or elect 4 Governance!


You'd think being the bearer of sad tidings-to someone who has grown use to expecting them might make the task easier

       "Overwhelmed" © Brad Michael Moore


All things are just a matter of time-No matter what in life's before you,Or behind you-What you hope for-Or,can accomplish-TimesHappenStance


A Native Dallasite & 12 years-old-the day died,1963-I wondered what this world was-I'd been born to-My city in a Pain-Take Care


Which will come first? The of the (& ) – or, the to take American’s Guns?


"It's Always the Right Time to spend Government Money-when it goes towards the advancement of Humankind, or Saving Our Planet


These are Scary Times - so many People -So misinformed & Scared of Anyone * not their own ... It's a SAD, Hard, situation...



Boy, did I did out of the wrong side of the bed today-that's the side closest to the wall I hit(w/my head)before trip'in over my chair & cat


I love the idea of being an American, still, it took me years to realize-I just Live in a place where I can Love my Idea of being an American


If only we all really knew the costs & Time Left for Actions We still can Make-to Build a Positive Outcome in this & Life we Live in!


I know-If Congress either is,or is not, in DC-Nothing gets done-Shame on the House Speaker-His Legacy will4everScorn him.




This is a Fave Shot of the Fab 4 on the Last Occasion they were photographed together-08221969-at George's home-©ER69



TrueLove,Distilled along our Genome as an Outlier-w/a Profile Concept-whose only Fair Comparison to a Gnome is, Connection Reqrd.



If I were to measure myself,as a human being-I'd be taller&stronger than 46 United States Senators tonight!

(Poll: US Majority Supports Failed Senate Gun Control Bill - Lawmakers voted against a background check proposal most Americans support - the vote was 54-46 [A Super Majority was needed because of abused & divisive Republican Fillibuster]



-&Dad CameHome Late-After WeKids were inBed-I would Slip Down,&Lay@My Door-on My Floor-to Hear Echos Down My Hallway-So-Sad.


Truest can not be Preconceived, but only Recognized in a Spectral Moment-when you are The Less Needful of Two Souls


In the Darkest Realm of our , is the Most Peaceful Run of our . Some have in this time, others gather their .


Our Children arn't safe, here, in America. What to do?-Close the Loophole in Gun Sales-W/out this-We can only TELL our kids-"I Love You."

"Swimmers" © 1996 BMM



This has been the kind of day no one really would want to tweet about. Sometimes, somethings are so personal-they can only go w/you2dagrave.


I wake up & find need to provide structure of lines-not to show my wit, depth, or knowledge, but 4 stars out last night & spaces between them


If our societies were Forgiving Societies-& we Expressed Affections-& Regrets-Lives would be so much more Harmonious & we would Share Bread


Those I ♥-I ♥forever--Friends&Family.Those I dislike-I dislike forever(often forget)Non-friends,Family-If I ♥'d you 50 years ago-I still do


So lucky I've a Sanctuary Rd which I blindly walk-by Cover of Night w/iPad&BoiseHP's&1200+ Songs to Draw, Ignite fresh Ideas&Relive my Life.


Your Breakfast Miss: Orange Juice in a tall glass, one shot of vodka on the side, three buttered slices of wheat bread, one poach egg easy.

"For Lenka's Dyptic" © 2009 BMM



The older you get-the more you realize-Who really was Looking Out after Your Skinny Punk Ass-when you were growing up.

"W.A" ©1999 by Scott D. S. Young




When U cherish those U have Loved-Who have Passed Away from our Realm-You're Paying Homage to their Best Attributes&Carry on in their Stead


Once one Tweets on himself, one can never retreet w/out leaving da evidence sprayed all around -called pissing in the wind.


20 Oct


They keep me warm and moist, direct air like a soft whistle into my ear, Push my Pulse Pumping Blood inside & along my Neck

"Son2a1x1sm" © 1974 BMM



Al Smith Dinner -Obama made 3 funny light jokes to Mitt-who made 8 really, snarky jokes at Barry-beneath his false & gleaming sharky smile.


The Family-Not a picture of our -but,of the Excessiveness of overbearing wealth-& disconnection of the 1/10% to 99%!


Mitt got the,'Obama Pinky Finger,'pointed at him tonight-I bet Mitt lost brain cells on a Black President pointing to a liar!


(anon) If you can swim-go for it & use the pool daily-you'll lengthen your muscles,increase your endurance and stamina,& hold your looks



I sometimes have to take a deep breath, when my niece sends me a photo where she is in another one of her Olympic moods





Don't think Anyone ever said, 'Huey Long wasn't Good to his Friends,'but, there were Many who wished-Friends They Were! Hail to the Kingfish!


folk die the hardest deaths-w/out dignity,grace,or respect-Mitt ,your lie to we American People-&so this world belittles YOU


If a long past girl,"Friend,"emails you after 40 years & says,"I'm back where I grew up." I don't think she wants to know your life's story.


Maybe we send Romney to space - & maybe it could widen his perspective over what his 100's of millions in fortune can't do - fly in 2012

My mother, 83, as Doctor explained to her -Your Bladder Issue is caused by a Damaged Nerve,& she asked: Where can we buy Replacement Nerves?

"Fresh Nerves" © Brad Michael Moore



Up at 4:41 am, and wondering, "All We Are Saying, Is Give Peace A Chance," and I know - we're still a generation away.~

"Darfur" © Walter King



You think-How will I Deal w/a Loved One's Death? You really spend all your Energy trying to Control the Results of how Everyone Else Reacts.


#TenWorstFeelings There's only one feeling that isn't good. You can feel a hundred, a thousand sorts of it-But feelin bad is just bad-Avoid!


Everyone has their,"On,"switch,YOU still need to create&capture peripheral surroundings&circumstances-so after turning on-Good becomes you!


I have never been a gamblin'man you could ever see-Now life is doing the gambling for me-Numbers are coming into play-to screw me their way!



#PeopleIHaveSeenLive Bob Hope,Bing Crosby,Bernadette Peters,Leon Russell, Bill Clinton,Stevie Ray Vaughan, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix,& DDon

"Jimi Hendrix at Dallas, TX, 1970" © BMM


How many total characters count to say,“This is the End?”-by Jim Morrision? 44, If you use,”My only Friend, The End…”(Long Goodbye Version).



You See-as an Artist, I am Bound to Explore - not just Experience Periods of Hollowness, Voids, & the Broken Links between feelings & Truth.

"Lost Dream" © Brad Michael Moore




-that if you live where there is no Cell Phone reception-your world is only as big as TinkerBell's...

            "TinkerBell" © Brad Michael Moore             






Yeah, I never found it as useful -to recall-in the mornings-what haunted my dreams the night before...


Friendship's a hard row 2 hoe.If we make younger friends, we take risks 2 improve those relationships.Our older Buds give advice w/o asking.


We don't complain too hard for we respect their opinions as sage. To pass our concerns to youngers - sometimes, we are accused of parenting.



Sometimes-even our best intentions can B misunderstood, & if we stick to those good intentions-sometimes we get da boot

Stoney @ the Lee Park Massacre-Dls,TX



24 Jun

On this day in 1901, the 1st exhibition by Pablo Picasso,only 19,was held in Paris - BMM

"Temple Exits" © Brad Michael Moore




-I never wanted to conform entirely, but I did want to be accepted among those peers who's opinions mattered to me most-a few.


never allow a lost cousin, niece, nephew, grandparent, aunt, or uncle to live alone - they invite them over & then upstairs!


Friends and strangers-Twitter works for both, but the two rarely co-mingle, truly. It is so much water and so much oil.


Being an intern these days is not so much a career-seeking choice as it is improving your art of dodging all things bumpy...


Michigan, America's 1st Authoritarian Autocracy-no longer a true American State-should we create an Amendment 2 evict them-or do we join em?



What's the deal with this country we live in? Here's where the only thing we have to fear is ourselves?


"Nuts4Nukes" © Brad Michael Moore



U Give blood & save 3 people, vote your conscience,& see to it all your friends share your fervor&do the same-this saves all our bits & bobs


Sunday: Guilt-day, relief day, showday, backyard day, In-laws&Step-children's day, workout day, sleep day, garbage day, Honey-do Day, TODAY!


Do you have 1, a Few, or Many People depending on You? Who here has no one depending upon them-for anything? Volunteer to your to community!


When a chick first takes that plunge from the edge of its nest-we think-what courage-how brave!Truly, its 'Sink or Swim.' We snooze-we lose!


Knowledge is pliable & fluid, even being locked up in a cage can be more enlightening than a having free course through time. Be receptive!



When it is true what they say, when you look into the mirror, what is it going to take to get back on point - to see your true reflection?


"Walking the Perrin Farm Road" © Brad Michael Moore


World outside my vision's reach - opaque window pane - unbreakable, invisible plain - between plateaus - these paralyzed legs - awaken again



I still look for big things from myself, but I also try helping others-I know-who are on the cusp of meeting their own great expectations!



May's daze-near to gone, June's swoon sirens mate to spoon, July's cries drips with our sweat, for August to dry to a crisp what we've left


© 1984 Beryl Striewski



Split second decisions, towards opportunity, or even in defense of your own life - when you only have 1 chance-take it!


27 May 12

Did a 180 on a busy highway Fri. across oncoming & going traffic leaping off the hwy backwards & landing on top of 6" exposed gas line-ALLOK


A dream I couldn't keep hold of-a balloon drifted away. I followed it's shadow until I saw another close by & I shouted catch it & they did!


So my dream-it is theirs to hold on to and follow-for now, it is their dream, and they are only at the beginning of their starting place Go!

"Waving Goodbye!" © Brad Michael Moore


A week of enlightenment has passed before us. How many generations must now pass for these new truths to become common?


"3 Plus 3" © Brad Michael Moore




R-U there? Am I here? Are we all connected when we need to be-or is this really jus leavin notes of our needs 2-B found in tomorrows tweets?


By the time I figured out it was April Fool's Day-it was already April 2nd! So I didn't get fooled once-& now,"I can't get fooled again!"


There is only one End to End all ends - It just tickles me pink to wake up in the morning with a tall tent 4 getting to live yet another day!


As hard as I try, and with all my might-Time remains a friend only if I open my eyes again, tomorrow-where promises stand bya rainbow's end.



When you see a face you fancy prettier than yours-take comfort in that their life's harder than yours-fighting age's vanishing fleeting beauty

"Honey Dew" - anon



There U go man-keep as cool as U can.Face piles of trials with smiles-It riles them U perceive the webs they weave.Keepon thinking free-Edge


Surprisingly close to an edge, over it is either an abyss or something of wonderment. Issue is, I am blind & light-headed-cannot control me!



If you don't know your roots, you short-sheet your future, & your place in it. If you acknowledge your station in life & know why-its roots.


"Fred Farrel Florence"



"Molecules launch fm our final breath-to be owned by the next living being who inhales them into their lungs & bloodstream-life reinventing"


It's time to choose-to advocate with a branding iron-or find the closest solvable issue as close to our life we can reach-choose&absolve It!


"Control Less,Trust More," & you have over 250,000 followers here-yet U follow no one, Zero. Trust issue or making your own Zen?



May bountiful ways fulfill your time & may your future be splashed w/ painting and poetry, the rest of your days -as occasions for memories.

      "MusicCountry" © HiepNguyenthe



My bro got a BB rifle when he was seven. At our farm-I waited while he walked a 1/4 mile to test it-He shot me in my neck!

"Grandfather Zedrick always stayed Home whilst my Brothers & I Rambled into the Trinity River Bottoms" © 1963 BMM




-such a long, illustrious, dedicated, life 2 his wife & Christ beliefs-too bad he didn't spend more time tending his NEOwack son


Who turns away from the, "Great Breaks," all family traditions, and burns the bridges between their children and their children's heritage?


All I ever need is to be in the company of real people's knowledge-if I can see it, hear it from their heart-it becomes my knowledge as well


I have trembled & shuttered,screamed out&uttered-all are forms of lovers way,all night & day,give me theater,cry for art winter's cold pain


What is it we're hearing, are our thoughts in a clearing-that we can perceive-meaning we most need-will we look to the sky see & know why?!


Last opportunity,mixed in community,savor the taste,golden fleece between embrace-I rise2you-you2rise2me-one sweet embrace-&your taken away.


Whatever happened I know what I am,you glanced at your feet,a face was in pain-I'm over here-eye shot away-chances miss by 1 step in the way


Listen so careful, a tender moment is here, heard through the walls, can't make make it so clear, I know its for me-and also for you, please


My mom never read to me-she wasn't read to by her mother-& her mother, before her, didn't read to her. They told stories, I got oral history


"Creatures veiled by night-following things that aren't right-Give me to a rambling man-Let it always be known that I was who I am"L.Marling


There’s a purple-blue worm living in the anus of crustaceans attached to ocean floors under Antarctica’s ice sheet! Now, who’s complaining?



Friends are friends, near-or-far_Still living-or not_It's what we choose to carry-for-them-with-us--our knowledge&sharing that matters most.

"Brent's Last Day at Big Rock" © 2003 BMM



I've said b-4"I was really ready for commitment at 1 point-in my mind, in my life. Still, you can only go so far-in your mind, by yourself."


I'm letting go of useless emotions & tragic feelings permitting my sight, perceptions, & dreams, to bloom & create-peace streams all around!




A dog barking at da wind's just his way of editorializing at what he reads going on in the hood-2much2say w/too little time!

"On the Edge of Time" © Cassandra Gordon-Harris



U ever wonder when someone's so quiet-if they are busy, bored, in love or in pain, or lacking words to say, or lonely?

"Jazz!" © Brad Michael Moore



Out for a walk tonight under a sparcely, yet scurrilously, cloudy, and deep brightly starlit sky - still I am not feeling the waxing poetry.



Everything we own is a reflection of who we are. Our relationship to our possessions is like that w/our friends - we can't hide who we are.!


"Rock, Art, Glass,Mineral, Silver" © 2007 BMM



26 Dec 11

Hard to grasp(Reuters)The massive drought in Texas this past year killed as many as half a billion trees, according to Texas Forest Service.


It's starting 2 get 2 feel like Christmas-is so over&the New Year-2012 is coming into focus. Listen people-U gotta start buying ElectricCars



"HandPatch 1X6" © 2004 BMM


Like 2 birds ofa feather-each seek same weather-Like circuits that complete-how great Computer!!! The sum of like parts is the sum-greatness




Our loved ones to us have the most beautiful eyes, no matter our failings of aging, our loved ones eyes will always remain beautiful


Happenstance's melodies are showers from springs ago. Tea leaves and life's mysteries are dreams where poems will grow. Hijrah!


- Maybe, "Love can't always shelter you." But that's the primary reason most humans seek it - & after all-our dogs believe it can


A True Gentleman is a gift of many lessons learned from grandfather, father, teachers to son. Then its the polishing he must do for the one!


Older people make younger people uneasy-you want to be offering-but they have already heard it all before.Still you will get wisdom offering


New Year's Resolutions are the promises we secretly wanted to make this last & these past few years but lacked bravery, constitution, & skin


Who among U can truthfully say U haven't used an alarm clock N over 10 years & your no older than into your 50's - & U are not incarcerated?


14 Dec 11


"Grassfire, Parker County, Texas" © 1999 BMM


-Today, I count over 100 fires in SE USA- -Why is this not being reported by the media?



RT : Chimps don't eat bananas. (Wild ones, anyway.) There are no bananas in Africa. Via my favorite chimp researcher


Anyone in their lowest-ever moments-can find elements of their life turn on a dime & reveal a thing so spectacular-as 2-B just unimaginable.


Being on a horse when lightening struck 15 ft away causing da horse 2 jump da ledge of a ravine&roll over myarse goin down


- To dream the impossible dream To bear with unbearable sorrow To run where the brave dare not go To right the unrightable wrong


Family Matters, Family Matters! Someday, you will find yourself the Elder of all that remains, or comes from your Family Matters-just wait&C


 2 Dec 11


-"Liberty&JusticeForSome"TruthNo1wants2hear-like if we allow thief of our CitizenFreedoms-our Gov never rtn's 'em w/o Revolution


Was resting & listening 4 my heartbeat, instead the rumblings of a Blue Norther railed 2 fill every void*friend Huey, called this Blue Funk.


I'm a creature of habit@home eating.So when I like something@deGrocer - I buy them out, month's supply-then they quit selling it!


-Are you kidding me, well, besides what I look forward to that will never turn out like I urge, there's


The $ we pay for this Halloween, it may help us feel better-the escapism of it-Our children R also learning bout the escapism of it & life.


I was dreaming, I saw you & wanted you. You looked at me, and said, "I can't stop you-are you taking me anyway?" Where can I take you? Home.



"Yosomite, Upper Falls" © 1971 BMM


"Jeremiah Johnson made his way into the mountains - looking at forgetting all the troubles that he knew"-A movie memory



REASONS YOURE SINGLE -is over Instinct-We consider the idea we no longer need to only depend upon ourselves to sustain our species.


"You don't have to be poor to be good-You don't have to be rich to be bad-But, you have to be fair to be right!" -Good find y's


Billions we spend on after storms&Hurricanes-Will we ever learn to bury our lines-instead of hanging them under trees?


Our benefit & good nature, our hearts, the wisdom of experience–lesson of history, hope, our bearing, our arête, let common sense guide us


Do what you can w/ what you have! Present who you are to others with what you are to you! Accomplish what you seek with all might you have!


In silence, I hear the pulse-my clocks tictocing time towards our inevitability. However we can-we must compose da potential @ our disposal!


-When we treasure the life we have, & live each day as full & well as we can-what's faith got to do with it? Time waits 4 no 1.


There are just some days where plays N most mysterious ways. I awoke N the worse of moods-bad dreams will do that-but thru the day it


Many here have 1 obvious skill set talent–we can&do live on it for decades. I believe there is another skill yet 2 find–Find It &begin again


Read NotMyWords ifa TruVoice U cannot hear-& avert your I’s-if MyTruth-U cannot C/I’d rather B Invisible if thy heart’s power cannot touch U


What side in others do I see most in myself? The quarry of Followers I seek acceptance from, also reflects what I see, or wish to see in me.


Will Rodgers on quitting smoking,"It's so easy-I do it all the time!" So is it the same 4 us all,&our particular habits? No pointing fingers


Natalie Wood's, "Splendor in the Grass,"released in '61.I saw it onTV a few years later-after reachin puberty-&-took my 1st ImagineBath UNo?


These R our most historically embarrassing years w/ USGovernment w/ 2 of 3 Branches either biased (Supreme CT) or non-functional (Congress).


NO how sometimes U try not waking up-When U-R, & your dream is-so-real-&-U seem 2 have-so-much control-2 finish it-right?Dissolving Lucidity


Read not these words if U cannot hear me&close not your iis if U cannot C me–I’d rather B invisible if the power of my heart cannot touch U.


29 Oct 11


3:41am-with my Defender 12 Gauge in hand, I face off with 30, or so, Ferral Hogs on my North 25, fired a round over their heads-they scatter


: Empress Josephine, Napoleon's 1st wife, created Europe's 1st Rose Garden. In most all her portraits-she held a rose to her mouth!


Whatz sad-being an advocate-is that U change the mind of our worst asshole opponent-w/ your brilliance on issues-He still goes hm a asshole.

23 Oct 11

In mass farming-turning over (plowing) the soil kills & sterilizes it of all natural Bio-diversity MotherEarth gave it for free-how 2 repay?


-We knew each other 2 well. Neither could grow, w/the others knowledge of our past. W/separation we can grow again.


I’m Confused.StoreCheck quizzes me-she’s interested-makes big deal she’s 18-near-19. I’m younger than her mum who’s way younger than dad-WTF


4 a whole year I fretted over turning 40, didn't want 2 leave my 30's. Then my friends threw me a surprise 39th BD gig-SHIT I'm 39 4-2 yr's.


Iranian actress to be lashed 90 times/1 yr imprisoned for truth in film - Telegraph via


Out from an earthen hole, artesian waters rise like hope–repainting top soils, defining gravity, & reflecting sunlight!


Grazing skedaddle dodges reportage. Images personalize notions of expectations not based on truisms–nor reality at all.


Our reflections carry no pejorative aspects in their arrival - the best, and the lesser pleasant ones - are never in an exact certain order.

5 Oct 11

RIP Steve Jobs CEO of Apple Think Different - 5 Trending topics for Steve - what more can one say Ω


I would pass it on to my mom - so she could find me a different father - a man capable of love.


When people come together-nature takes her course & we become something greater than we were-© BMM



I cannot change what I am - only the arrangement of what is around me. So, please, accept me as I am, and I'll let you arrange what you can.

          "A Hand-Twisted Nature" © 1982-2008 BMM


Killing -al-Awlaki is good news, perhaps B4 we kill next American Citizens-turned-Terrorists-we should 1st Revoke their AM Citizenship


My best 'Catch of the Day' was the day before - "Delicate Arch" in the Arches National.Park. © 1980 BMM


21 Sep 11

The AP-Final words before execution, Troy Davis maintained innocence. "Hangman's Noose" ©1996 BMM


An eye, that twinkles in one second of precision, is worth an evening of foreplay-that only leaves U with the bar bill.


R you sleeping 2night, R you weeping so light, breath in - & breath out, & again - I will breath with U-&UW/me&1-weWilB



The last time I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, I came upon this & asked, Have We? "Fight The Good Fight" © 2007 BMM


"Fight The Good Fight" © 2007 BMM



Near 10 years ago Bush was telling us to "GO Shopping," & "Every American should buy a home," BAM! "Zippers" © 2009 BMM