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     On the Possum Kingdom Lake with Russell Emerson Berger & Roger Irwin, 1971



Brad Michael Moore & Nicole Helslip - "Diptych Duet"


Sept. 29

Am, I clear! Wither the Dust that Falls Near Me! Bats out swinging, every direction Beats Me to a Pulp. I have found my cry, "I Will stand"

Sept. 28

"I open my heart on out-First, Just a little, suddenly,My Life falls out-& I am in the middle of Nowhere-Just left with my heart hung out"

Foregive Me.


Delayed gratification is like confections I grow a taste for as I get older-but can delay until-most appropriate time. My cat-I NEED IT NOW!

Sep 17

PresidentialElection comprised w/candidates fr: Conservative,Libertarian,Republican,Democratic,Independent,&Progressive Parties:The #TrueWay


A quickie, a riff, a bit spiffy, a .gif, a hole-in-one, a one and you're done, a stitch in time saves nine, you do the crime&you do the time


A molecule of H2O in a vacuum cannot explode into smithereens,so,it must go into a cubical & become colder that Ice ever thought it could be


We need to chain Ex-Vice President assho, #DickCheney, al la #SlimPickins, to the first bomb we drop on Syria-after #Obama's speech tonight!



Sep 9

#IPHONE 6 and IPHONE 6 PLUS #IPHONE6PLUS Boys&Girls raised thinking bigger is better-many relearn you use what you get, or, you lose it all!


Sep 8

#WhyIStayed, Single, was my fear of responsibility-having had my mother & two brothers, & myself being abandoned by my father when I was 8.


Sep 8

If you follow the Polls-you might think-Why Vote. I don't look at the polls-I vote in every election offered, and I vote my heart to my USA!



So lessons are for real, my dreams are tools created-just to improve-a real world that begins w/my 1st sigh&stretch&decision to see it thru!


Dreams are ways to help you see the bars you build between-you & all the things you need most to have, but don't believe you deserve, so sad


We fell apart today-Space between us was too strong to stay-you dimmed away. Wish that I had found the word to make you try to make it heard

The Universal Vision is that We All Survive-We All Improve our Great Earth's Position-That is all that matters-If Our Vision has No End Date


All our world Issues, nearly, result because Our World does not Govern Together-to Better All-Instead of One Nation or 1 politic or 1 wealth


World Survives(Greatest Chance)if America Leads(with Others)&that Requires ! Compromise IS Main Point in /.Vote2Govern



(Self Portrait - Pre-Wedding & LA!)



#America, #LandoftheFree, #OnceUponATime Well, that takes up my 3 Hashtag Limit... What might yours be for the times? 




So lessons are for real, my dreams are tools created-just to improve-a real world that begins w/my 1st sigh&stretch&decision to see it thru!


Dreams are ways to help you see the bars you build between-you & all the things you need most to have, but don't believe you deserve, so sad



"Spare in Dream" by Brad Michael Moore  (C) 2007



Sep 7

Someone is reading this because they are seeking knowledge that requires unknown strength & courage-to leave behind those failings they know


My life's not so important as lives of all my fellow Americans who will be deeply affected in many negative ways if Dems lose Senate in Nov.


What if America & President Obama decided to declare there IS NO Legitimately Recognized Government in Syria & put ISIA in the same boat?


It's been a painful day-even moreso than so many that have come before it-and there, alas, a chance to prose out my grief and find a sleeve.



Sep 2, 14

Vote November to feed our American poor&build our Middle Class: Don't vote and feed our 1% who will pay America less, break unions, mk chaos


Lazy Media's really reaching far to think it's a big deal crazy people are jumping off balconies into abandoned pools in #Libya #AnimalHouse


Aug 31

One can hurt my persona with a lie,but only my heart if a lie convicts the innocence of one I love.This kind of lie-I cannot decide:Forgive?


Once I knew fear as it caused hair on back of a friend's neck to stand out straight-when we faced life threatened;Today myhairszaped w/anger



Aug 25

Free-ranging domestic cats kill 1.3–4.0Billion birds & 6.3–22.3Billion mammals annually. Un-owned cats cause the majority of this mortality.



Aug 24

Just saying-smart people are getting ahead of what will come tobe our world's bigger problem-which WeCreated in 100 years of entire History!


So,there, that is my contribution to solving a big problem now-what's going to happen when China and India-and Africa, want cars-no gas left


My farms goingtobetotally Solar(SCTY)-My Tesla will get 300 a 45 min.charge-my carbon FP will be cut down to near 3/4s of what its now


It's time for all of us to get serious-Politicans R Pd to Lie-our USGas needs to cost closer to $10PG-The whole world economy-based on loser


I've been saving for my Tesla for well over a year-$5,000 downplay to just get on the list.1stED-Md-X for 2015 sold out.I'm aiming in on 2nd


One absolute decision I have made decisively-My next auto purchase is going to be a Tesla Md.X. Face facts world-days of oil&gas are so ODNX



Look at our present,"Trending Topic..."ISIS,Israel,Pakistan,Syria,&Ukraine.My opinions on these topics are testy-at best-I'm gonna need MOFO



Aug 19

Hey People&Police of #Ferguson-It's time to put down your tin lids&rubber bullets & flash grenades&words-Come to #Understanding of #Justice!


Aug 18

Sometimes,Depression is just like runnin out of gas¬ being able to get out of bed-for days! Unless your friends share your bed-who knows?


Aug 15

If we expect #Justice for #MikeBrown in #Ferguson, National/Federal intervention will be required-Local PDChief,Thomas Jackson, will acquit.


Aug 14

Congrates to @chucktodd for his new job as #Moderator of NBC's #MeetThePress! I will definativly tune in! #NBC



Aug 20

William Rivers Pitt | To Know the Darkness and the Light Robin William's musings of #Bi-Polar and it's Opposing Light   


With #RobinWilliams knowing of his own diagnosis with #ParkinsonsDisease -I believe he wanted to go out (of life) at the peak of his Genius.


Aug 12

#RobinWilliamsWillLiveOnForever Its the good you leave behind in those hearts you touch in meaningful ways-meaningful memories R passed down


"Feathered Flower" by Brad Michael Moore (C) 2006 [Digital Artifact]



Aug 8

Leased a Lux Auto to drive to my niece's wedding in Colorado tomorrow.Long Drive-Service, pictures,dinner&return 2 TX 


Aug 7

Tweet To you,@ this moment,this day of your existence, this moment of your conscience, & this point of weakness-or strength, it gets better!


#ShartQuotes Absence makes the heart grow yonder…!



Jul 31

Can't say what #Hamas has brought down upon it's suffering citizens was a good strategy- Instead, of imploring #Kerry for Boarder  Rights!


#Hamas wasted all of that concrete-given for home&business building-now,Where will they start? #Hope most have mightier aspirations of heart


Jul 28, 14

Hope this week's not as crazy as last week-ooie! I record my programs&watch them with music playing while ledgering&feeding A's/Welcome TML!


It's near 3AM and I'm like those crazy neighbors blasting their stereo so loud everyone is going crazy-doesn't matter-nearest is 2 mi. away!

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